“Point to Point” Train Takes Epidemic Prevention Supplies to Europe Day and Night

  On March 28, a CRE train, carrying 130,000 masks, 750 sets of protective clothing, over 2,000 forehead thermometers and other epidemic prevention supplies, departed at Chengdu International Railway Port and is expected to arrive in Lodz, Poland, in 12 days.

  Recently, the epidemic situation in Europe is grim and epidemic prevention supplies are in short supply. Taking the full advantage of its whole-process logistics service network, Chengdu International Railway Port has actively undertaken the international transportation for epidemic prevention supplies, sending medical supplies bearing the profound friendship of the Chinese people to European countries as quickly as possible.

  China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. has worked closely with Chengdu International Railway Port and Chengdu Customs to make full use of the advantageous “point-to-point” direct transportation of CRE trains, opening up green channels for the export of epidemic prevention supplies and better integrating the industry into the global supply chain. It only takes 4 days for goods to be delivered from the factory, packed and transported, declared to the customs, inspected and released.

  “During the epidemic prevention and control period, the CRE trains provided reliable transportation services for our goods, and then we will have more epidemic prevention supplies and living supplies transported to Europe through the CRE trains.” Said by an official of Sichuan Kelude International Trade Co., Ltd.

  “The stable operation of CRE trains (Chengdu), especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, has made the advantages of our traffic channel more obvious. Chengdu International Railway Port will actively build its chain service modes of international trade procurement, international logistics and supply chain finance.” Said by the official of Chengdu International Railway Port Investment & Development (Group) Co., Ltd.