China Railway Group holds financial and accounting work meeting in 2020

On January 6, the 2020 financial and accounting working conference of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the conference mobilized the financial and accounting system of the whole road to earnestly implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the central economic work conference, comprehensively implement the deployment of the working conference of the state Railway Group, summarize the financial and accounting work in 2019, analyze the current situation and tasks, arrange the key financial and accounting work in 2020, adhere to the strong foundation, meet the standards, improve quality and efficiency, Efforts should be made to reduce expenditure and consumption, reform and innovation, and effectively push the work of accounting to a higher level. Yang Yudong, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of China Railway Group, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Yu Bangli, chief accountant of China Railway Group, attended the meeting and arranged the key financial and accounting work in 2020. The meeting pointed out that in 2019, the financial and accounting system of the whole railway will seriously implement the deployment of the Party group of China Railway Group, focus on the transportation power and railway first, deepen the strong foundation to meet the standards, improve the quality and efficiency, continue to improve the market-oriented management system and mechanism of the rule of law, make remarkable achievements in serving the railway construction and transportation safety production, continue to strengthen the financial and accounting basic management, and strive for important progress in policy support The financial work of the whole railway has made remarkable achievements, which has played an active and important role in realizing the railway operation objectives and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the railway. The meeting stressed that in 2020, the financial and accounting system of the whole railway should resolutely implement the instructions and requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping on railway work, adhere to the goal orientation, problem orientation and result orientation, comprehensively implement the work deployment requirements of the Party group of China Railway Group, fully recognize the situation and tasks faced by the railway financial work under the new system, and firmly push the work to a higher level. The meeting requested that, while focusing on the capital market and national policy support, we should adhere to relying on our own efforts, strive for profit in the market and accelerate the development of diversified operation. We should strive to improve the operation and management ability of the main responsible comrades, establish a management system with financial management system as the core, strengthen comprehensive budget management, aim at advanced quotas, and strengthen process monitoring. We should strengthen the integration of industry and finance, strengthen the training and training of Finance and accounting professionals in the transportation production line, and the management personnel at all levels should also master the financial professional knowledge. We should strengthen the performance of duties and responsibilities, strictly implement the management methods for the performance of duties by the chief accountant, strengthen professional integrity, and give full play to the management role of the chief accountant. We need to strengthen the team building, further improve the political position, grasp typical experiences and practices, carry forward the spirit of struggle, and strengthen the construction of a clean government. At the meeting, the key tasks of financial and accounting work in 2020 were arranged from nine aspects, including the construction of financial and accounting system, budget, liquidation, capital, accounting, cost saving and efficiency creating, financial and accounting supervision, financial and accounting informatization, and the construction of financial and accounting team. The second level inspector of the fourth Bureau of enterprise audit of the audit office, deputy chief accountant and deputy chief economist of China Railway Group, responsible comrades of relevant departments and affiliated institutions of China Railway Group, units of China Railway Group, transportation stations and non transportation enterprises of China Railway Bureau group attended the meeting.

Funiu Mountain Night Talk < / BR > — poverty alleviation story from Luanchuan County

A660201 & nbsp; in the cold winter, railway poverty alleviation cadres rush to Luanchuan in the mountains. On the night of January 9, Liang Zhan took a picture of Xinnan village of chongdugou Management Committee, Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. It was quiet and cold, and the snow capped mountain was covered with white light. After a day of hiking and on-the-spot visits, we sat around the stove of Xue Xiaodan’s family and listened to the villagers and poverty alleviation cadres tell their stories. Luanchuan County, located in the hinterland of Funiu Mountain, was listed as a key county for poverty alleviation and development by the State Council in 2010. In 2012, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. teamed up to help Luanchuan out of poverty. Since the pairing of assistance, according to the unified deployment of the central poverty alleviation work, the railway department has invested more than 40 million yuan in Luanchuan County, including direct and indirect funds, 64 assistance projects and more than 70000 directly benefited groups, focusing on infrastructure construction, tourism, medical treatment, Party construction, agricultural product sales and other fields. There was light snow outside. The temperature in the room was a little low at the beginning. Everyone was talking about it. The breath in the mouth was frosting on the window. Unconsciously, Xue Xiaodan added wood to the stove from time to time. The crackle in the stove made people forget the chill of the last month. Warm stories echoed in the hut. “With them, we will have more backbone, and we will be very stable when we work.” The master Xue Xiaodan’s home is a two story building. I live on the first floor and work as a farmhouse Hotel on the second floor. Looking out of the window from the house, there is a green train lying on the Bank of the river opposite the road. The signal lights are flashing and the sign says “Xinnan”. This is not a real railway station. It is a new poverty alleviation tourism project “railway town” built by the railway department. “The railway department laid rails for us, pulled trains, built railway towns and supported us in building farmhouses.” Xue Xiaodan said, “the poverty alleviation cadres also sent us to the county to learn cooking skills. Now that we have a railway Town, a new house, and crafts, life will never have to worry about again. ” Xue Xiaodan was dressed neatly and gracefully, with sofa and TV at home, which was not like the poor households at the beginning. She told us that was not the case before. Xinnan village is a migration village. All the villagers moved out of the mountains. The former site of the village is the wasteland by the river. The villagers call it the “rockbank”. When they first moved down, there were only simple bungalows built by villagers themselves. According to Luanchuan’s natural environment, the railway department established the idea of developing rural tourism. At first, however, the ideal of fullness met the reality of bone feeling. “If it wasn’t for director Wang’s help, we might still work outside!” He Shuangli, a villager in Xinnan village, told us. Director Wang Yanhui, a railway poverty alleviation cadre, came to Luanchuan County in April 2018 to work in poverty alleviation. Soon after he arrived in Xinnan village, he went door-to-door to mobilize the villagers to build a farmhouse hotel. The Party branch secretary of Xinnan village, the dynasty, introduced that during the transformation of the Farmhouse Hotel, the village coordinated the loan, and the railway unit subsidized 30000 yuan for each household, but the villagers were afraid of losing money, debt and no tourists, and they didn’t want to build it. “At the beginning, I was worried as soon as I received director Wang’s call.” He Shuangli said, “at that time, I was really reluctant to do it.” Later, when she came back to the village, she saw that the environment in the village had changed greatly, and after seeing the tourism industry planning and the help plan, her psychology gradually changed. In 2019, according to the unified planning of the village, he Shuangli took out the money earned by the couple working together with the railway support fund, borrowed 10000 yuan from Wang Yanhui for decoration, built a two-story building on the original site, built three rooms with reception conditions, and put them into use in the peak tourist season of that year. “My family has made more than 20000 yuan.” He Shuangli smiles. Today, 89 rural hotels have been built in Xinnan village. There are 124 poor households with 430 registered cards. By the end of 2019, there are 115 poor households with 414 registered cards. “With them, we will have more backbone, and we will be very stable when we work.” Dynasty introduction. The poor village didn’t know how to go. Now the road is getting brighter and brighter. “From them, we have seen the fine work style of railway poverty alleviation cadres.” “What I feel most is that the railway has laid a foundation in Luanchuan for the poverty alleviation policy of the CPC Central Committee and the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping. As long as it is a promise, it will fulfill it and catch it to the end.” Zhao Hongyi, deputy secretary of Luanchuan county Party committee who was working in chongdugou inspection, also came to Xinnan village that night, “Lao Zhou, Wang Yanhui, Shi Junlan, Li Zhijie, Li Huizhou, Wang Yongjian, Zhang Xiangyang, Wang Lei One by one is good. From them, we have seen the fine style of work of Railway Cadres in poverty alleviation. ” Zhao Hongyi talked about the names of railway poverty alleviation cadres. Zhou shengzhan, as he called him, is a deputy county magistrate of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. who was dispatched to Luanchuan in December 2017. Villages look at villages, households look at households, and the masses look at cadres. Investigate the current situation of poor villages, plan poverty alleviation projects, run funds, and focus on Implementation When I first arrived in Luanchuan, Zhou shengzhan often felt that his time was not enough. In addition to being responsible for railway counterpart assistance, assisting the county magistrate in charge of poverty alleviation and development and rural agriculture, he also covers five natural villages, and has to live in the villages at least two days a week. Over the past two years, he has made a large number of “poor relatives”. “The villagers were surprised that he could name many villagers. Slowly, when we see him, we will take the initiative to say hello. ” Zhang Zhiqin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the chongdugou Management Committee, said. There is much mud on the feet, which is close to the hearts of the people. If the Kang of the people is heated, the hearts of the people will be heated. Working in Luanchuan is busy, and getting together with his family is much more. In 2019, Zhou shengzhan mobilizes his lover who teaches in Luoyang to teach in Luanchuan. “I want her to have a close look at how busy I am at work and how valuable it is to understand poverty alleviation.” Zhou shengzhan said. “Even if the lovers come, they have their own working meals. It’s hard to have a reunion dinner together.” Zhang Zhiqin took the lead. “Let’s talk about the construction of railway town. It’s not easy to pull the train into the ditch. ” Zhou shengzhan doesn’t want everyone to talk about themselves. Li Zhijie is the director of the railway town construction project. The cadres of chongdugou told us that no matter how big or small things are, Li Zhijie should do it himself. In December last year, he was almost busy until midnight every day. In the meantime, Li Zhijie’s old father had advanced cancer and didn’t ask for leave until the doctor told him the deadline. When the old father saw him, he said “you are back” and closed his eyes forever. When Li Zhijie talked about the past, he choked several times. This usually strong man covered his face with his hands, so that we could not see his tears. “They regard us as their relatives, and they are all reluctant to leave.” Dawangmiao village, Tantou Town, half an hour’s drive from Xinnan village, has just completed a drinking water project. In the daytime, when we were at Chen Bensheng’s house in dawangmiao village, we turned on the newly installed faucet and a stream of clear water flowed out. “Don’t forget the well digger, the railway is our well digger.” Chen Bensheng said. Last year, Chen Bensheng’s son was admitted to Tsinghua University, the only one in Luanchuan. “The drinking water project was built by Secretary Wang at that time. My son went to Beijing to study. Secretary Wang invited him to dinner in Beijing. ” Chen Bensheng said. Wang Qin, Secretary of Chen Bensheng’s mouth, is the first Secretary of guotie group in dawangmiao village in October 2017. In August 2019, Wang Qin retired with honor, and national railway group sent Shi Junlan, the new first secretary in the village. Maybe it’s to hand in the baton, or maybe it’s too nostalgic for this land. Wang Qin didn’t leave this hot land until October. “They regard us as their relatives, and they are all reluctant to leave.” Yang Guofeng, Secretary of the Party branch of the village, told us that in 2017, China Railway Group invested 500000 yuan to help implement the donkey breeding project in dawangmiao village. At first, poor families had no enthusiasm for raising donkeys. On the one hand, Wang Qin tried his best to win the support of the town government, granted small loans to the poor households, set up village collective cooperatives, and put the donkey farm under the ownership of the cooperatives; on the other hand, he innovated the breeding methods to let each poor household claim a donkey, which was raised in a centralized way by the donkey farm, and the poor households participated in the dividend. Today, 53 poor households have participated in the donkey breeding project. In 2018, China Railway Group invested an additional 500000 yuan to help expand the scale of the farm. “Donkey, that’s his treasure.” Wang Yongjian, a railway poverty alleviation cadre, said that the heavy snow at the beginning of last year had frozen the water pipes leading to the village. Secretary Wang, who had no water to eat, shoveled the snow on the ground into the pot and cooked and washed his face. The hardship of living conditions is nothing in his heart, the donkey is the most important in his heart. Seeing the rainy and snowy weather, he hurried to the donkey farm two kilometers away to see if the donkey house could not keep the wind and rain, if the donkey was frozen “The cadres in the village regard the village as their home.” Yang Guofeng said. When Shi Junlan arrived at his post, he drove his private car from Beijing to work. Wang Yongjian used his private car to work in the village for a long time. The villagers in dawangmiao village have the habit of making sweet potato vermicelli. After Shi Junlan arrived in the village, she not only fulfilled the duties of the first secretary, but also became the spokesman of the vermicelli. Her car also became the “fast bus” for loading and shipping the vermicelli. Poverty alleviation cadres come and go in the same spirit. The villagers can’t bear the railway, and the railway can’t let the villagers. The railway has brought Luanchuan the train, the project, the new idea, the new cognition, the development power and the development ability. Luanchuan county has left a railway mark that will never disappear. The green train outside the window sets off the White Mountains, and the fire in the room is more and more prosperous. The more you say it, the more you say it. In 2019, Luanchuan has been successfully lifted out of poverty. In 2020, Luanchuan will continue to run on the road of happiness.

“Falcon 2020” campaign has achieved remarkable results

Since December 2019, the national railway public security organ has deployed the “falcon 2020” campaign to crack down on the illegal acts of ticket scalping and safeguard the rights and interests of passengers in all aspects. Up to now, 2782 cases of ticket scalping have been solved and more than 121000 fake train tickets have been seized. The local railway public security organs determine the key stations and train numbers, sort out the illegal persons who have been ticketed, cooperate with the local public security organs, strengthen the inspection of hotels and other places around the station, and widely collect ticketing clues. Beijing Railway Public Security Department strengthened the inspection of ticket selling places through the combination of video and on-site. Taiyuan Railway Public Security Department, in conjunction with the railway department, conducts legal education in batches for ticket sellers and ticket inspectors at the entrance of 48 passenger stations. Railway Police from all over the country have mobilized competent forces to form a “Falcon” team, crossing places and striking ticket scalping with “raw faces”. Wuhan Railway Public Security Department has set up 30 strike teams to crack down on ticket scalping activities in stations; Zhengzhou, Guiyang, Huaihua and other railway public security departments have strengthened cooperation between neighboring public security departments to exchange information clues.

Strengthen the organization of goods transportation to ensure the supply of festival materials < / BR > on January 18, the national railway is expected to send 12.42 million passengers

On January 18, the ninth day of the Spring Festival, the national railway is expected to send 12.42 million passengers, a year-on-year increase of 25.9%. It is expected to open 10479 passenger trains and 1189 temporary passengers. During the Spring Festival transportation, the railway department insists on giving priority to passengers and taking both passengers and goods into account, strengthens the organization of goods transportation and ensures the supply of festival materials.
On January 17, the national railway sent 12.02 million passengers, an increase of 1.625 million on a year-on-year basis, an increase of 15.7%. The railway transportation was safe and orderly. Among them, Beijing bureau group company sent 1.096 million passengers, an increase of 167000, an increase of 18.0%; Shanghai Bureau Group Company sent 2.45 million passengers, an increase of 215000, an increase of 9.6%; Guangzhou Bureau Group Company sent 2.06 million passengers, an increase of 204000, an increase of 11.0%. On February 17, the railway department began to sell tickets for February 15 (January 22). 13.689 million tickets were sold for railways across the country, including 11.804 million tickets sold for railway 12306 network, accounting for 86.2% of the total ticket sales. On the 18th, popular directions for passengers to buy tickets were: Beijing to northeast, Chongqing and Guizhou; Yangtze River Delta to northeast, Sichuan and Chongqing; Guangshen to northeast, Nanchang, Kunming, Guiyang and Nanning. There are still a small number of excess tickets in the popular direction, and sufficient in other directions, which can be purchased by passengers in time.
At the same time of passenger travel service, the railway department strengthens the organization of goods transportation, ensures the supply of materials and meets the needs of people’s festival life. Since the beginning of the year, Harbin Bureau Group has rushed to transport nearly 4 million tons of heating coal and 392 tons of rice to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. opened a special train for festival materials from Taiyuan to Datong and Yuncheng, and cooperated closely with Debang, Baishi and other enterprises to do a good job in logistics and distribution. Major freight stations of Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. quickly arrange and transport Festival materials trains, and open up green channels to prioritize the unloading and shipment of grain and fresh goods. Xinzhu station of Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. held the first China Europe train online annual goods Festival. More than 5000 kinds of 13 categories of annual goods from more than 40 countries in Europe, Central Asia and other regions were sold simultaneously on the Internet. Qingdao West train depot of Jinan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. strengthens heat preservation measures for beer, beverage and other festival materials sent to the northeast to prevent damage caused by freezing, and uses Bohai ferry to compress transportation time. Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. operates cold chain annual container trains to Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang and other places, so as to enrich people’s dining tables with fresh and fresh products. Guangzhou freight center of Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. set up annual freight train marketing team to analyze market demand by using big data, so as to ensure that the annual goods are delivered, loaded and shipped. Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. shall do a good job in the loading, unloading and transfer of the new year’s freight trains into Xinjiang, so as to ensure that the new year’s freight materials can reach all parts of Xinjiang in time. Shenyang Bureau, Nanchang Bureau, Kunming bureau group company, etc. keep 24-hour hot line contact with the main power plants in charge, actively rush to transport electric coal and ensure the power supply during the festival.
The railway department reminds the majority of passengers that at present, the application of e-ticket has basically covered the national high-speed railway and intercity railway. If the ticket purchased by the passenger is an e-ticket, it is not necessary to exchange for paper ticket, and the ticket can be checked by holding the ID card of ticket purchase. If reimbursement voucher is required, it can be printed at any station or ticket window in the country with the original valid ID card used during ticket purchase within 30 days before or after the train starts. At the same time, the Railway Department reminded that the EMU is a fully closed, non-smoking train. For the sake of your and other passengers’ safety and health, please do not smoke in any part of the train.