Private customized train is worth experiencing

On the morning of November 16, train c1092 took 531 primary and secondary school students from Yanji west station to Changchun. This train is one of the first customized “special train for research and learning” provided by China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. In addition to children, if ordinary passengers have group travel plans, they can also put forward customized requirements like Shenyang Railway, including number of passengers, vehicle type, departure time, passing through the parking station, etc. in addition to a variety of sleeper seats, they can also provide personalized and customized services such as dining car and multi-functional entertainment car according to the needs. (China Youth Daily, November 18) for a long time, luxury carriages, warm services and elegant journeys have only existed in foreign blockbusters. Take the train with the wooden carriage and enjoy the four seasons outside the window. Now, the customized special train launched by the railway department can also realize this dream, and can’t help but want to let people experience it

of course, as a business card of China’s new era, railway is naturally more advanced than other customized products. From the number of passengers, vehicle type, seat type, to departure time, through the parking station and so on, passengers can put forward customized requirements. Whether the train is equipped with a dining car and whether there are entertainment facilities on the train is up to the passengers themselves. In addition, Shenyang railway will organize the operation of small formation trains according to the passenger number demand proposed by the organizer, which can be operated independently if it meets 5 requirements, and can be used for hard seat trains, soft seat trains, hard sleeper trains, soft sleeper trains or mixed trains of the above types

in my opinion, it is a “win-win” for railway enterprises and passengers to develop customized special trains. First of all, the development of customized special trains is conducive to the rational distribution of railway traffic resources. For example, to meet the requirement of 5 vehicles is enough to travel, which not only makes full use of Railway Empty bus resources, but also creates more private travel conditions for passengers. In the past, the special train for tourism was also overcrowded. Although it was easier than the congestion of the Spring Festival, it was also crowded with luggage, which deterred some people who wanted to experience slow-paced travel. The small marshalling train easily solved such problems and effectively combined the elegant environment with poetry and distance

secondly, a customized special train is opened for passengers to enjoy. In the past, the special tourist trains were all fixed arrivals in the train diagram. It is inevitable that some remote arrivals were left unattended, resulting in the extension of transportation time. The customized train can choose and optimize its travel and arrival, which can save the time on the train and force the arrangement of train operation chart to be more reasonable and effective The most important thing of

is that the customized special train can meet the needs of different classes and types. For example, many young parents want to travel with their baby, while the environment of the ordinary train is relatively noisy, the personnel composition is relatively complex, and the supporting facilities are not comprehensive, so it is not reassuring to travel with the baby. But the customized train can screen the passengers, a city or even a region, like-minded friends to bring their babies. Naturally, there are more topics, and the journey is safer. At the same time, the meal entertainment of the train also supports customization, and children’s meal problems should be solved, which also makes parents more worry free and the journey more warm A 6031 a 6031 in a word, the development of customized special train is another bright spot for the railway department to serve the people. It solves the common aspiration of people who are not able to travel. Of course, this work is still in its infancy and is worth further promotion. I believe that in the near future, the railway will be able to launch more types of special trains, so that every passenger can get a warm and happy experience.

“Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway calligraphy and painting photography exhibition” in China Railway Museum

Recently, Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway calligraphy and painting photography exhibition jointly sponsored by China Railway Federation of literary and art circles and China Railway Museum was exhibited in China Railway Museum, Zhengyangmen, Beijing. The exhibition aims to carry forward the spirit of “Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway” and show the brilliant achievements of China’s railway construction and development since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China In 1909, Zhan Tianyou presided over the construction of the Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway. 110 years later, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will be completed and opened to traffic, and will provide convenient transportation guarantee for the success of the 2022 Winter Olympics Since the commencement of the

Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway in 2016, the Federation of literary and art circles of the railway has organized literary and art backbones to go deep into the construction site of tunnels, bridges, stations and other construction sites for many times to experience life, use paintbrush and lens for wind collection creation, depict and record the construction scale, grand scenes and the spiritual features of the builders through artistic expression techniques. The works of calligraphy, painting and photography exhibited in this exhibition are all from these works

Fuyang new landmark – West High Speed Railway Station


The surrounding walls have been demolished. Outside the silver gray station buildings, vehicles are shuttling back and forth, transporting goods and paving roads. The security inspection equipment, elevators and electronic screens at the entrance have been installed. The workers are busy paving floor tiles, decorating shops and maintaining sanitation According to relevant plans, it is expected that on December 1, the north section of Shanghe Hangzhou high-speed railway to Hefei and Zhengzhou Fuyang high-speed railway will be opened to traffic. Recently, the reporter came to Fuyang West Railway Station, which is an important station building where two high-speed railways meet. The construction of Fuyang west railway station has entered the final stage, and all parties concerned are preparing for the smooth operation of the high-speed railway in the best condition A 6031 a 6031 “the content of large quantities has been lost. At present, it is mainly to improve the details, such as the ground pavement of a small number of drop off platforms, the installation of skylights on the house surface of elevated stations, etc.” Yan Bingyong, chief engineer of Fuyang West Station Project Department of the third bid of Shanghe Hangzhou railway of China Construction First Engineering Bureau, introduced that in the first ten days of this month, Fuyang west station has passed the static acceptance of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., and is currently carrying out fire acceptance, safety assessment and other work, and it is expected that the corresponding construction and acceptance work will be completed in the last ten days of this month

according to the introduction, the construction scale of Fuyang west railway station is only the second in Hefei South Railway Station in the province. The station building is an elevated station building with a building area of 39996 square meters, a canopy area of 40801 square meters, and a parking building area of 34833 square meters. The station building has one floor underground, two floors above the ground, and three floors partially. The station building has a construction height of 37 meters, and a parking building height of 21.75 meters. The station building surface is made of steel grid structure Structure, aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof; the form of canopy is steel structure double arm cantilever canopy; the scale of station yard is 7 sets of 17 lines (including 4 main lines), with the maximum number of people gathering 4000 (medium-sized station)

as one of the landmark buildings in Fuyang in the future, the design of Fuyang West Railway Station shows the spirit of the city: the design is based on the concept of “Huanghuai gate and charming Fuyang”, starting from the function and economy of traffic buildings, and echoing the connotation of Huaihe River culture with the atmospheric and stable volume. The undulating and dynamic horizontal lines not only metaphor the long history of Huaihe River culture, but also highlight the modern era The sense of speed and the sense of the times of traffic architecture, combined with the facade “door” style composition, embodies the location characteristics of Fuyang as the hub of Anhui Province and the gateway of Huanghuai River, and also implies the open and inclusive urban spirit The architectural design of

has distinct features, while the functional design is quick and convenient. In Fuyang west station, which is divided into the entrance layer, ground station layer and underground exit layer, passengers can enter the waiting room on the second floor above the ground through the elevated landing platform in front of the station, find the corresponding waiting area, open the corresponding gate (8 gates per platform) during ticket check-in, and get on the train directly after getting down to the platform on the first floor above the ground; get off passengers can directly enter the station on the first floor below the ground. “Compared with the traditional station, this design is more convenient, fast and orderly, with the same form as Hefei south station, Beijing south station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, etc.” With the opening of high-speed railway,

has entered the countdown stage, and the preparation of soft environment in Fuyang west railway station is also advancing in an orderly manner. The reporter learned that at present, there are 10 stores in Fuyang West Railway Station, including local chicken, steamed Xiaowan, KFC, McDonald’s and other catering stores, department stores such as Qingming and huashiyati in Han and Tang Dynasties, 2 convenience stores, 1 food retail store and 1 massage chair project. These shops are currently in the finishing stage of decoration, and it is expected that the decoration will be completed on November 25 and enter the trial operation stage The road network around Fuyang West Railway Station, which is convenient for citizens to take high-speed rail, has been basically formed. The reporter learned from Fuyang Chengnan New Area Construction and Investment Co., Ltd. that at present, Huaihe Road, hangying Road, Buzi East Road, Heyuan Road, Ziyun Road, etc. connecting Fuyang west station, have been paved with asphalt and are waiting for the acceptance of relevant departments. The installation and commissioning of signal lights and street lights along the line are planned to be ready for use on November 25

“in addition, the construction of the square in front of the station is speeding up. In addition to the drop off platform and regional distribution road project, hangying Road Underpass tunnel project, the project also includes the square landscape project in front of the station, underground space project, etc.” Yang Chenglong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Fuyang West Station Square Project Department of China Railway Beijing Engineering Bureau, said that at present, the foundation pit support, drop off platform, ramp bridge substructure and steel box girder assembly have been completed, and the bus station, taxi station and social vehicle station in the transition stage are being tightened up, and the remaining permanent works will be completed in 2020

“according to the high speed rail district plan of Fuyang City compiled by our city in 2017, next year, some commercial projects will be introduced around Fuyang West Railway Station, and some residential buildings will be built in the future to better improve the urban functions and promote the local economic development.” Introduction to the person in charge of the Management Committee of Chengnan New Area.

Orderly promotion of Liangshan section of Chengdu Kunming double track railway is expected to be completed in 2022

Recently, the large mileage section from the exit of Dechang tunnel to No. 2 inclined shaft, a key control project of Chengdu Kunming double track railway, has been successfully completed, marking an important breakthrough in the construction of Liangshan section. On November 14, the reporter learned from Liangshan railway construction office that as of October this year, the construction of Liangshan section of the expansion project of Emei Miyi section of Chengdu Kunming double track railway had completed an investment of 20.34 billion yuan, accounting for 45.3 billion yuan of the total investment approved in the feasibility study The

Chengdu Kunming railway double track in Sichuan Province is divided into three sections: Chengdu Emei section, Emei Miyi section and Miyi Panzhihua section. The total length of the line from Emei to Miyi is 384km. The technical standard of the line is class I double line, with a construction period of 6.5 years. It is expected that the whole line will be completed in 2022. The function of the project is the trunk railway with both passenger and freight. The planned transportation capacity is 45 pairs of passenger cars / day and 80 million tons / year of freight. Among them, there are 272 kilometers in Liangshan Prefecture, passing through 6 counties (cities) of Ganluo, Yuexi, Xide, Mianning, Xichang and Dechang, with 13 stations The construction in Liangshan of

is the most difficult. The line mostly passes through the mountain and canyon. The geological and meteorological conditions are very bad, the construction is very difficult, and there are many key and difficult projects. The design amount of land acquisition for Emei Miyi section of Chengdu Kunming double track railway in Liangshan Prefecture is 10452 mu, accounting for 80% of the total amount of the whole line. By the end of November 2019, 97% of the land acquisition and demolition will be completed, and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year According to the construction schedule, the project is expected to open from Mianning to Kunming in 2021, and the whole line will be opened by the end of 2022. After the opening of the whole line, Xichang west station will take more than 3 hours to Chengdu and Kunming, which will greatly facilitate the travel of passengers A 6031 a 6031 related news a 6031 a 6031 from November 20, Panzhihua section of Liping Panzhihua Expressway officially charged a toll, cold air arrived in Sichuan, pay attention to cold prevention, warmth, drunkenness, quarrel with her boyfriend, woman dropped kitchen knife from the 10th floor, was detained by torture, Chengdu opened happy valley and other two holiday bus lines, Tianfu panda tower special line, to adjust “adolescent explosive bag” — 14-year-old Behind the tragedy of jumping off a building, the traffic lights of the main and auxiliary roads of Jiannan Avenue in Chengdu are turned on. Attention, driver!

Wuhan, Hubei Province: put “cold proof clothes” on the train to prevent the “cold” of the vehicle

In order to ensure the safety of train operation in winter, over the past few days, Wuchang passenger car depot has carried out the preparation work of cold prevention for the north bound train, put on “cold proof clothes” for the train and prevent the vehicle from “cold” This section of

has set up a cold prevention and repair team to conduct cold prevention treatment for the whole section of the train, focusing on the use of new insulation materials for antifreeze binding at the oil and water pipelines, brake system pipelines and valves of the generator car, as well as the inspection and treatment of the sealing status of electric heating, air conditioning and glass, so as to improve the cold prevention and cold resistance ability of the train.

You can see these changes in the fifth anniversary of the opening of Xinjiang High Speed Railway

On November 16, Xinjiang section of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway (hereinafter referred to as “Xinjiang High Speed Railway”) ushered in the special day of the fifth anniversary of its opening. According to the latest data released by Xinjiang Railway Department, Xinjiang high-speed railway has transported 30.75 million passengers in five years since its opening The

Xinjiang high speed railway opened on November 16, 2014 and is the only high speed railway line in Xinjiang. With the passage of time, the role of Xinjiang high-speed railway in facilitating passengers’ travel and promoting economic development has become increasingly apparent. I believe that as an ordinary passenger, you can also feel the changes brought by Xinjiang high-speed railway Change 1 of

: it is convenient and the travel time is greatly reduced. Along the way, there are main stations such as Urumqi, Turpan, Hami, etc. Before the opening of Xinjiang high-speed railway, most of the trains of Xinjiang Normal Speed Railway run at about 100 kilometers per hour. The most direct change brought by the opening of Xinjiang high-speed railway is convenience. Take Urumqi to Turpan as an example. Before the opening of the high-speed railway, it takes about three hours to take the regular bus from Urumqi to Turpan, and it takes more than two hours to take the ordinary train. After the opening of Xinjiang high-speed railway, the number of trains from Urumqi to Turpan has been reduced to 52 minutes. Turpan enters the economic circle of Urumqi for one hour, and Hami enters the economic circle of Urumqi for three hours It facilitates the travel of urban residents along the line The opening of the

Xinjiang high speed railway has opened a large speed increase of the general speed railway. With the arrival of the high speed railway, relying on the advanced mode and service concept brought by the high speed railway, Xinjiang Railway has successively opened the “star of North Xinjiang”, “star of South Xinjiang”, “Fuxing” and other trains on the general speed railway. The speed of the general speed train has been increased to 140-160 kilometers per hour, greatly reducing the travel between cities Travel time

change 2: comfort, passengers’ feeling of “sitting” and “lying”

except that the train is faster and faster, in recent years, the deepest feeling for passengers in Xinjiang is that they are more and more comfortable to travel by train. In August 2019, the “Fuxing” train entered Xinjiang and soon covered many areas in southern and Northern Xinjiang. The comfort of this 160 km / h EMU train running on the ordinary speed line is comparable to that of the Meilan new high speed railway train. The train runs stably and the noise is very small. The temperature in the carriage is set at the most comfortable temperature of the human body all the year round. The seat back can be put down to let the passengers “sit” and “lie down” ”The feeling of

is not only a change in hardware, but also in service. With the arrival of Xinjiang high-speed railway, the young, enthusiastic, smiling, generous and beautiful stewardess are becoming the symbol of Xinjiang Railway in the new era. Whether on the bullet train or the intercity train, the “moving sister” and “City sister” wearing berets and short skirts will always bring you a feeling of home at home 。

change 3: 60% of tourists choose to travel to Turpan by motor train

if you want to travel to Turpan, would you like to travel by train? A few years ago, most Xinjiang people probably didn’t choose railway, but chose self driving, so now? 52 minutes from Urumqi to Turpan, what will you choose In recent years, relying on Xinjiang high-speed railway, Xinjiang Railway operates “public transport” EMUs between Urumqi and Turpan. At present, the number of EMUs passing through Turpan every day has increased from the first four pairs to 11.5 pairs, with an average of one EMU train starting, ending or passing through Turpan every 40 minutes, truly realizing high-density operation and high-efficiency connection. Xinjiang Railway Department launched the “high speed railway apricot blossom season” special train and “high speed railway mulberry season” special train between Urumqi and Turpan, which helped Turpan to launch the “first spring of Xinjiang” and other brands, directly driving the booming tourism economy of Turpan

according to the statistical data of Turpan Municipal Bureau of culture, sports and tourism, since the “public transport” bullet train from Urumqi to Turpan has been put into operation, nearly 60% of the tourists go to Turpan by bullet train, which is equivalent to 6 of the 10 tourists to Turpan A 6031 a 6031 in addition, the high-speed railway area with Urumqi station (high-speed railway station) as the core has attracted hundreds of billions of yuan of industrial investment in recent years, including large and small green valley ecological park, Wanda Square, Xinjiang Software Park, bainiaohu new view Twin Tower, Weitai building, Baoneng city With the opening and operation of Urumqi station, the high-speed railway area has become an important part of the construction of “seven major groups” in Urumqi, a landmark area determined by the autonomous region to build modern industries and towns, and also an important carrier of international trade exchanges between China and Western Asia.

Let Luohu station become a high-speed railway hub station

On the afternoon of November 17, the 11th session of the Committee of the CPPCC in 2019 was held in the central book city. CPPCC members focused on the “Luohu port economic belt” for discussion. Xu Youjun, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, attended the event

Luohu District has Luohu port, Wenjindu port and Liantang port to be opened. With the help of Dongfeng of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, Luohu is speeding up the planning and development of port economic belt. Gong Sixin, member of Luohu District CPPCC and deputy general manager of Shenzhen architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., thinks that the current situation of port infrastructure construction is high density, disordered road network and old facilities. If the road network is planned again, it is suggested that Guangzhou Shenzhen railway should be built into an elevated mode or an underground mode. In addition, Luohu port subway does not have a seamless docking system. In the process of reconstruction and expansion, it is suggested that the joint inspection building, train station waiting room, etc. should be planned and designed into a new type of comprehensive commercial body, which should be connected with the slow traffic system and leisure system of the whole district Cao Kanghui, member of Luohu District Committee of CPPCC and director of the construction center of Datong new industry belt of Luohu District Development and Reform Bureau, said that the biggest wish of Luohu residents is to be able to get on the high-speed rail at home, hoping that the high-speed rail can reach Luohu railway station and make Luohu station a high-speed rail hub station.

Construction of Aksu Kashi railway speed up reconstruction project of South Xinjiang Railway

The reporter learned from the development and Reform Commission of Aksu region in Xinjiang on November 15 that recently, the construction of the speed-up and reconstruction project of the Aksu Kashgar railway of the southern Xinjiang Railway started, and the railway speed in Aksu will reach 160km / h after completion At present, the running speed of

Aksu Kashi train is still 100 km / h, which can not meet the local economic and social development needs. The short board of railway construction is becoming increasingly obvious. Recently, Aksu District held a special coordination and promotion meeting in time, arranged and deployed relevant work, implemented land acquisition and demolition funds, and ensured the smooth implementation of the project The

project is implemented by China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 1.18 billion yuan. The total length of the reconstruction line is 462 kilometers, 149 kilometers in Aksu. On the basis of the construction of the base station communication network, 36 curves in Aksu region were transformed and the CWR was replaced to achieve the goal of 160 km / h in Aksu After the completion of the

project, it will greatly shorten the operation time of passenger cars and improve the railway transportation revenue, which is of great significance to the economic and social development of Southern Xinjiang

Great progress has been made in the construction of laopinggang tunnel through the Mujia high speed railway


At 10:08 on the 12th, with the last blast, laopinggang tunnel of section 7 of Mujia high speed railway was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent girder erection and track laying operation, and new progress was made in the construction of Mujia high speed railway The laopinggang tunnel built by Shanghai Engineering Bureau of China Railway is located in Qifeng forest farm, Huanan County, Jiamusi City, with a total length of 1569m and a maximum buried depth of 98m. It is designed as a single hole double line tunnel. The tunnel is located in the alpine area of Northeast China. The maximum freezing depth of soil is 2.4m, the geological conditions are complex, the surrounding rock is relatively broken, and the water content is large, which brings great challenges to the construction

since the tunnel entered into the main tunnel construction on April 8, 2018, the project department has reasonably optimized the construction organization design, planned various construction measures in advance, and adopted a variety of modern large-scale tooling to ensure that the tunnel construction quality meets the requirements of the fine works of the construction unit in view of the complex geology, high-quality construction process requirements and unusually tight construction period. In the construction process, the three step temporary inverted arch method, the three step method and the step method are the main construction methods. In the process, strict process control is required to ensure that each process meets the design and specification requirements

in view of the high risk of construction, the project department implements the leadership guarantee system and night inspection system, and the project department and division level leadership work are implemented in key processes. Through the management and control of key processes such as arch frame installation, initial support and shotcreting, excavation size and concrete pouring, the quality and safety of the tunnel are ensured, and the smooth connection of the tunnel is effectively guaranteed

up to now, 4 tunnels in the 7 section of Mujia high speed railway of Shanghai Railway Engineering Bureau have been through 3, with 4398.9 meters of tunnel excavation completed, accounting for 96% of the total. Pier body construction and subgrade filling in the bid section have been completed, and other works such as beam making and beam erecting are also being accelerated. (Zhai Shenghui, di Jie)

KTA railway starts freight business for the first time

At 16:57 on November 17, 45492 freight trains loaded with 3000 tons of corn left Tacheng railway station for Luojiang station of Chengdu Bureau. This is the first time to open freight business after Karamay Tacheng Railway (hereinafter referred to as KTA railway) opened for passenger transport business on May 30 A 6031 a 6031 used to be blocked by snow and wind in winter in Tacheng area. Now, people and things can travel smoothly, and Tacheng area has a stable and smooth transportation channel The Tacheng area of

is a vast area, suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry, rich in water, water, light, heat, oil and gas, minerals, agriculture, tourism and other resources, with great development potential. Corn, cotton, wheat, beet, tomato and other crops have the characteristics of large quantity, high quality and green organic. The annual output of agricultural and sideline products in Tacheng area is about 2 million tons, mainly supplying Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places

“the railway has come in, opened the transportation channel for agricultural and sideline products outside Xinjiang, and enhanced the market competitiveness of products, which is the people’s livelihood of the people in Tacheng.” Said Zong Shikun, a staff member of the business and industrial information bureau of Tacheng city The railway freight yard of

Tacheng station is located directly behind Tacheng station, covering an area of 85000 square meters. There are two freight lines, including 836 meters of freight line 1, 26 storage spaces and 32 open-air spaces. It can meet the loading and unloading needs of the whole train of goods, and mainly undertakes the shipment and arrival of packaged goods such as corn and wheat. Goods line 2 is 328m, mainly responsible for the arrival and shipment of container goods. The freight yard is 6km away from the urban area of Tajikistan and 18km away from baktu port. The transportation is convenient. It can effectively reduce the logistics cost by connecting with the highway transportation Wang Zhibin, manager of Tacheng Business Department of Kuitun freight center of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that in the past, the outbound goods in Tacheng area were mainly transported by railway and automobile, among which the railway transportation was to be delivered in Wuxi, Kuitun and other places. “Now we have opened the freight yard at the door of our home, which makes transportation more convenient.”

in order to get through the logistics transportation channel in Tacheng area as soon as possible, Kuitun freight center arranges personnel to enter the freight yard in advance to carry out equipment system debugging, business training, etc. Since the opening and operation of keta railway, the freight center has arranged management personnel to keep an eye on the whole process of station construction, platform division, facilities and equipment allocation, and has repeatedly connected with the local government and the railway construction unit, so as to be ready to start freight business In order to ensure the transportation of the first batch of goods, they took the initiative to communicate with customers, prepare the source of goods in advance, determine the transportation route, open up a green transportation channel, and achieve quick unloading, loading and timely transportation According to

, with the opening of the freight yard of Tacheng station, it will provide safe and convenient services for the transportation of high-quality agricultural and sideline products in Tacheng and its surrounding areas. In the future, the railway department will focus on the characteristics of grain and other major goods delivery, optimize the functions and services of the freight yard, build a mode of public rail combined transportation with railway transportation as the main body and road short barge transportation in coordination, and promote the regional economic development of Xinjiang.