Paperless customs clearance to promote the efficiency of Pingxiang railway port

At 12:30 on July 4, a freight train loaded with 18 steel cars left Pingxiang station and headed for Vietnam Tongdeng. Pingxiang Port Logistics Center of state railway officially opened paperless customs clearance.
China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. uses the railway digital port application system to share data with the customs and border inspection departments, so as to further promote paperless work in the whole process of international intermodal transportation. The online operation of the system can realize the electronic automatic transmission of the whole process of railway customs clearance, and further improve the traffic capacity of Pingxiang railway port.
“After the application system of railway digital port is enabled, customs clearance procedures can be completed in less than 3 minutes for the transportation of fruits, and the customs clearance speed has been greatly improved.” Guangxi Baosheng Zongheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. customs broker Mo Xianwen said.
In order to successfully use the railway digital port application system, Nanning bureau group company has trained relevant business personnel for up to two months and formulated paperless customs clearance emergency plan, so that enterprises can truly realize “less errands” and “more road trips” with electronic information. It is understood that after the implementation of paperless customs clearance, the inbound and outbound goods at railway ports can be “declared in advance, checked and released upon arrival”, providing data support for the electronic data exchange and seamless docking of international railway combined transport, highway rail combined transport and other multimodal transport.

Dream of Beijing and Shanghai for a new chapter

The steel dragon flies over the north and south, and the motor cars gallop for thousands of miles.
On June 30 this year, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway opened for nine years. Between Beijing and Shanghai, the railway is like a monument, recording the glory and dream of China’s high-speed rail, and engraved with the strong feelings and heart of railway people.
Since its operation on June 30, 2011, Beijing Shanghai high speed railway has been praised by all walks of life for its safe, convenient, fast, comfortable and economic operation quality. As of December 31, 2019, Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail has sent 1.119 billion passengers; as of June 30, 2020, it has been operating safely for 3289 days.
After nine years of hard work, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is becoming increasingly mature and perfect. On the new journey of transportation power and railway leading, it provides travel services for the people’s better life and provides transportation support for the realization of the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Safety without end
Safety is not only the eternal theme of railway transportation, but also the lifeline of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. The positioning of “the world’s high-speed rail looks at China, and China’s high-speed rail looks at Beijing and Shanghai” determines the extreme importance of the safe operation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail.
Since the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway was put into operation, Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway Co., Ltd., China Railway Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. have continuously explored mechanisms and systems for high-speed railway safety management, dispatching and command, train operation organization, equipment maintenance and maintenance, etc., and have established a safe operation system of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway by systems and levels, It has formed a “Trinity” high-speed railway safety guarantee system of civil air defense, material defense and technical defense; at the same time, the railway and local governments have jointly promoted the safety improvement of high-speed rail external environment, ensured the continuous and stable operation safety of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, and set up a new benchmark for safe operation of high-speed railway.
In recent years, Beijing Shanghai high speed railway company has persisted in deepening the construction of standard demonstration line, deeply explored the safety operation rules, actively grasped the initiative of safety risk management, and ensured the good operation status of public works, housing construction, fire protection, power supply, communication, signal and information equipment of the whole line.
In order to ensure the high comfort of high-speed rail train operation, the maintenance standard of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway can be called “the highest in the world”: the difference between two rails should not exceed 0.3mm, and the error of reduced value of turnout core rail and switch rail should not exceed 0.2mm. Such a high standard “forces” Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail people to constantly explore scientific maintenance mode. In recent years, the integrated maintenance system of public works, electrical services, power supply, production and life has been fully implemented in the work areas of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, which has improved the utilization rate of “skylight” and improved the quality of maintenance and repair.
Standardization of safety management, standardization of on-site operation, normalization of inspection and rectification, modernization of detection means, specialization of fine repair and institutionalization of safety investment are the “six modernizations” safety guarantee system summarized by Beijing Shanghai high speed railway company, which further strengthens the safety foundation.
The safety foundation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is strong, and the EMU can run fast and stably, which makes people feel more secure when they travel. On September 21, 2017, Fuxing was the first to operate at 350 km / h on Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail, setting a new benchmark for the construction and operation of high-speed rail in the world.
Since China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak this year, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has fully implemented the requirements of the China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. on the epidemic prevention and control work, and has put into full play in the epidemic prevention and control. Under the condition of a large decrease in passenger flow, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway still runs enough trains to carry out the ticket selling scheme for the separate seats, ensuring passenger safety and providing protective eye for front-line workers. Protective equipment such as glasses, masks, disinfectants, etc. should be implemented according to the shift system, and the duty and rest time should be well regulated to ensure that the staff always maintain good health and good mental state and ensure the safe operation of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway.
There is no end to service
In the carriage equipped with charging plug and Wi Fi, with the strong smell of coffee, many passengers take out their laptops and are quietly busy Less than four and a half hours’ drive makes the high-speed train a mobile office for business travelers.
This is the scene of the G8 train departing from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Beijing South Railway Station at 8:00 every day. Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail continues to improve the level of humanized and digital services, making Fuxing the first choice for many passengers. As a high-quality and high-quality service building, Beijing railway is not only a high-quality and high-quality demonstration building.
Over the past nine years, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company has established new service concept, continuously innovated and expanded passenger service content by means of science and technology, realized high intelligence and high-quality passenger service of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, improved passenger satisfaction and enhanced people’s sense of gain and pride.
Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company regards improving service quality as an important measure to deepen the construction of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail standard demonstration line, and as the key point to achieve professional breakthrough. It does not change the lens and reduce the intensity. It also improves the corresponding measures of passenger transport service, vigorously promotes the brand implementation strategy, comprehensively promotes the logo design, trademark registration and related promotion, use and protection, so as to make Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway products The image of the card goes up the stairs.
In terms of main business, on the one hand, Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail company focuses on strengthening the research and optimization of transportation products, actively studies and implements the normalization measures of “one map per day” to meet the passenger flow demand, and urges the entrusted units to flexibly implement the plans of daily chart, weekend chart, peak chart and off-season chart of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, so as to ensure that the number of vehicles in each period can better meet the passenger’s riding needs Yes. On the other hand, they continue to strengthen the optimization and tracking control of intelligent ticket pre division scheme to ensure that more passengers can walk and walk well under the condition of a certain number of trains. At the same time, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company has continued to consolidate the passenger transport equipment foundation of the station, continuously promote the station car “toilet revolution” and improve and update the equipment and facilities such as intelligent navigation, electronic ticket and self-service verification, so as to further improve the service quality of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway.
In 2019, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company also completed the upgrading and transformation task of commercial and advertising for more than 63% of the passenger stations along the line. New outlets such as “shangtie travel housekeeper” and “yuetu” have been put into operation online, providing 34 differentiated waiting service places for passengers, so that VIP passengers, member passengers and business passengers can enjoy the truly personalized service.
Whether the service of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is good or not, the masses “vote” with their feet. Data show that on February 28, 2013, less than two years after its opening, the passenger traffic volume of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway exceeded 100 million. Since then, the passenger traffic volume of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway has maintained a rapid growth. In 2019, the annual passenger volume reached 215 million, with an average annual growth of 18.2%.
Chinese people pursue it, foreigners also like it. During the belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum, when the Silk Road Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University raised the question of “what do you want to bring China back to the motherland”, young people from 20 countries and regions along the belt and road ranked “high-speed rail” at the top of the list. “On the high-speed rail, you can really feel the speed of China.” More and more foreign tourists are being powdered by China’s high-speed rail circle.
Facing the great love of the market, the leading group of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway company knows well that the service is endless. Especially after the listing of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail company, the society has higher expectations for the improvement of service quality of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail. The company is studying the construction of a systematic supervision system for service quality, and carries out evaluation management from professional management, experience, third party, big data and other dimensions, so as to effectively improve the quality of passenger transport service.
There is no limit to innovation
From design, construction to operation, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway can be described as the “master of scientific and technological innovation” of China’s railway. It is worthy of becoming the “representative work” of China’s high-speed rail, and has set up a banner for the domestic and even the world’s high-speed rail.
In the process of preliminary research and engineering construction of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, a series of technical systems and technical standards of world-class high-speed railway with Chinese characteristics have been established and improved. Beijing Shanghai high speed railway has not only made a large number of innovative achievements in construction technology and construction equipment, but also provided a testing ground for traction electrification, communication signal, equipment manufacturing, etc., and established an innovative platform for gathering new technologies and new equipment. In particular, it has promoted the rapid development of China’s railway equipment manufacturing industry, greatly improved the level of China’s technical equipment, and promoted the national new industry and new industry The development of materials, new technology and new technology.
Although there are many laurels of innovation, the person in charge of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail company is soberly aware that: we should analyze and consider the scientific and technological innovation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail at the overall level of China’s high-speed rail, often check whether the technological innovation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is still in the leading, leading and leading position, find out where the gap is, what are the advantages, what are the innovation focuses, and how to break through the bottleneck With the goal of becoming the world’s first-class “smart high-speed railway”, aiming at the most advanced scientific and technological level, and promoting scientific and technological innovation. The completion and operation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway not only improves China’s comprehensive transportation system, but also improves the long-term tense situation of Beijing Shanghai corridor, and promotes the economic and social development along the line. At the same time, they have carried on the beneficial exploration in the aspects of operation, service and reform.
In the exploration and practice of entrusted transportation management mode, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company has continuously improved the corporate governance structure and internal control mechanism construction, realized professional complementarity, advantages complementary and resource complementary with Beijing Bureau Group Company, Jinan Bureau Group Company, Shanghai Bureau Group Company and China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., breaking through the shackles of the existing management system Intelligent innovation. The innovation of the entrusted transportation management mode has formed a win-win situation for the State Railway Group, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company and the above-mentioned four units.
Not only is the operation management mode “daring to be the first”, but also the capital operation of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company has taken a step forward, making the company a leader in the reform, innovation and development of capitalization, securitization and equity ownership of the State Railway Group.
On January 16, 2020, Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. This marks the successful landing of “China’s first high-speed rail stock” in A-share market, significant progress in railway shareholding system transformation, and China’s high-speed rail officially entered the capital market.
The industry believes that the listing of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway company is an important measure for China Railway Group to realize high-quality asset share reform and listing. It is also a concrete action of China Railway Group to vigorously develop the mixed ownership economy, promote the optimization and adjustment of capital structure, and promote the high-quality development of railway. It is of landmark significance in the process of China’s railway reform.
When the flow of people, logistics and information flows through the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, capital is also creating great value.
This is the answer sheet submitted by Beijing Shanghai high speed railway to the national economic construction, which highlights the image and strength of China’s high-speed rail, confirms the progress and changes of the times, and promotes the development of China’s economy to a high quality.
Nine years ago. The growth and change of Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail is only a miniature of China’s high-speed rail innovation and development. In the days to come, with the general trend of railway market-oriented reform and the east wind, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway will surely bloom with more gorgeous colors and compose more beautiful movements, which will benefit the people’s livelihood and benefit future generations.

Chongqing passenger transport section ensures Tibetan students to return home safely and take part in examinations smoothly

On July 2, young volunteers of Chongqing passenger transport section waved goodbye to Tibetan students studying in Chongqing. On that day, the first batch of Tibetan class students from Chongqing Tibet middle school left for Tibet by train and returned to their hometown to take the high school entrance examination. After getting the information in June that Tibetan students will return to Tibet to take the high school entrance examination, the transport plan was formulated in advance, and the measures such as boarding and landing organization and body temperature monitoring were improved to ensure the safe return of Tibetan students to their hometown and take the examination smoothly. Photo by Bao Liang

Construction of Guangzhou Zhanjiang high speed railway and Meilong Railway

On the morning of June 30, the Guangzhou Zhanjiang high speed railway project and the Meilong railway project respectively held mobilization meetings for the start of the whole line in Zhanjiang and Meizhou.
The main line of Guangzhou Zhanjiang high speed railway project is led out from Guangzhou station, passing through Foshan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Yangjiang, Maoming and Zhanjiang to Zhanjiang north station, with a new double line of 401km and a design speed of 350km / h. Guangzhou Zhanjiang high speed railway is an important part of the high-speed railway connecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, Hainan free trade port and Beibu Gulf Urban Agglomeration. After completion, it will greatly shorten the space-time distance between the western Guangdong region and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area.
Meilong railway project starts from Meizhou west station of Meizhou Shantou railway, and is introduced into Longchuan west station of Jiangxi Shenzhen high speed railway through Xingning and Wuhua. The new main line is 95.6 km, and the design speed is 350 km / h. The construction of the project is of great significance to improve the high-speed railway network in Guangdong Province and to strengthen the links between the Pearl River Delta region, the Northern Fujian Province and the Yangtze River Delta region.

Towards our well-off life: enjoy watching Tongjiang sing new songs

“There are hardworking and brave Hezhen people in Jiejinkou. And I stand on the high street, facing the East, facing the sun, singing imakan, welcome your guests from afar… ” At 9:58 on July 4, the k7113 train arrived at Tongjiang station on time. The Hezhe people in traditional ethnic costumes sang Yimakan and welcomed the “sunset red” tourist group from afar.
Tongjiang City is located in the South Bank of the intersection of Songhua River and Heilongjiang Province in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province. Here lives an ancient and mysterious nation – Hezhe nationality. The unique natural environment gave birth to the unique and colorful fishing and hunting culture of Hezhe people.
“On July 14, 2016, Tongjiang ushered in the first passenger train, ending years of history of no passenger train.” Wu Baochen, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage, imakan of Hezhe nationality. The convenient transportation makes many people from other provinces come to Tongjiang to learn from imakan. Now, Wu Baochen has enrolled more than 20 students, some of them from Liaoning and Jilin, the farthest from Guangzhou.
The railway connects Tongjiang with the outside world. It not only spreads the beautiful melody of imakan to all parts of the motherland, but also promotes the development of Tongjiang characteristic tourism and national culture. In 2019, China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. will upgrade the passenger trains to Tongjiang from green cars to air-conditioned ones, so that passengers along the line will have a more comfortable riding experience. The days are getting hotter and hotter – the Hezhen people, who are increasingly prosperous because of the rise of tourism, are deeply aware of this.
CEN Lijie, the inheritor of Hezhen fish skin art, opened a fish skin painting shop in the village to make fish skin crafts. “More and more people are coming to visit us by train now,” he said. I can sell more than 500 crafts in the peak season. “
The head of a local travel agency told reporters that most of the tour groups they received arrived at Tongjiang by train because they could experience the unique experience of the train traveling through the vast Sanjiang Plain. “The Harbin Jiaxing railway will be put into operation in 2018, and tourists from outside the province can directly transfer to ordinary buses to Tongjiang after arriving at Jiamusi by train,” he said. At present, our travel agency receives more than 200 tourists to Tongjiang by train every day. Railway transportation has added a lot of highlights to the development of Tongjiang tourism. “
“At the end of 2018, we cooperated with the railway to let the unique Hezhe culture enter the train, so that more passengers can feel the unique charm of Hezhe national culture on the train.” Tongjiang City sports, radio, television and Tourism Bureau said. According to incomplete statistics, in 2019 alone, nearly 100000 tourists from home and abroad arrived in Tongjiang by rail transportation.
Once Tongjiang, “a street, a lamp, a loudspeaker, the whole city listen.”. Nowadays, with the smooth flow of the railway artery, Tongjiang is becoming more and more popular. The unique Hezhen culture attracts more and more attention. With the development and progress of railway, Tongjiang is showing new vitality.
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Six Tourist-dedicated Trains Take Passengers to Enjoy Xinjiang’s Great Beauty

  On the evening of June 24 and June 25, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. launched 6 tourist-dedicated trains from Urumqi Railway Station and Altay Station respectively, taking 2,374 passengers to enjoy Xinjiang’s great beauty to different destinations. So far, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has set two records, namely, the number of tourist-dedicated trains operated on a single day and the passenger traffic of the tourist-dedicated trains on a single day.

  Recently, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has vigorously promoted the tourism campaign themed “Xinjiang People Traveling in Xinjiang” and “Traveling in Hometown”. By promoting featured tourism routes, scenic spot ticket concessions, etc., it has made all-out efforts meet the tourist demands of the people and promote the recovery of tourism in Xinjiang. China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has deeply integrated the advantages of railway network with tourism resources and given full play to its advantages in transportation. It has actively investigated the tourism market and developed new products for tourist-dedicated trains based on the preferential policies on tourist-dedicated trains across Xinjiang.

  According to statistics, since the first tourist-dedicated train launched on May 1 this year, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has launched over 24 tourist-dedicated trains, taking over than 11,000 passengers to travel in Xinjiang. In June alone, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has operated 20 tourist-dedicated trains, 8 more than the same period last year.