JinZhouNan Railway Station


Jinzhou South Railway Station

  [Station Address]遼寧省錦州市松山新區

  [Construction time]2003年

  [Construction units]:中國鐵路建設第九工程局集團公司

  [Front and rear stations]在京哈線上行方向距葫蘆島北站43KM,下行方向距盤錦北站69KM,

  [Subordinate units]瀋陽鐵路局錦州車務段

  [Station Grade]: 2等站

  [Station nature]區段站

  [Passenger Business]辦理旅客乘降;行李、包裹託運。

  [Freight business]不辦理貨運業務。

  [Railway Line]京哈鐵路

YuShanNan Railway Station


The planned Hangzhou-Changzhou passenger dedicated line runs through the territory of Yushan County, Jiangxi Province, and a “Yushan South Station” is set up near the brick factory along the lake in Liudu Township. The project started construction on December 22, 2009, was completed in 2014, and was officially completed and opened to traffic on December 10, 2014.

Hangzhou-Changchun Railway Passenger Dedicated Line is one of the main lines of the national “four vertical and four horizontal” rapid passenger transport network, and the main passenger transport channel in central and Eastern China in the future. It starts from Hangzhou Station in the East and Changsha Station in the West with a target speed of over 300 km/h. The Hangzhou-Nanchang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line in the national planning runs through the territory of Yushan County and sets up “Yushan South Railway Station” in Liudu Township.

Lanlingbei Railway Station


Lanling North Railway Station, located in Jiazhuang, Lanling County Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, is located on Linzao Railway (Linyi-Zaozhuang) line. On November 29, 2012, it was built and opened to traffic. On May 15, 2016, it handled passenger transport business, which is the second-class electrified passenger and freight railway of the state.

AnJia Railway Station


Founded in 1934.

It is 167 kilometers from Lafa Station and 99 kilometers from Harbin Station. It is under the jurisdiction of Harbin Railway Branch of Harbin Railway Administration.

Now it is the fourth class station.

Passenger transportation: handling passenger arrival and landing; checking luggage and parcels. Freight: Handle the delivery of the whole vehicle.

TuQiaoZi Railway Station


Tuqiaozi Station is located in Tuqiaozi Village, Haiyuan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Postal code: 756104.

Founded in 1995.

It is 389 kilometers away from Baoji Railway Station and 122 kilometers away from Zhongwei Railway Station. It is under the jurisdiction of Yinchuan Railway Branch of Lanzhou Railway Administration.

It is now the fifth-class station.

Passenger transportation: handling passenger arrival and landing; not handling baggage and parcels consignment. No freight business.

LanXi Railway Station


Lanxi Railway Station is located at a railway station on Labor Road, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province. The postcode is 321100.

The station was built in 1932. Jinqian Railway passes through the station to handle passenger and freight business. Buses arrive and start at the station.

The station and its upstream and downstream sections are not electrified.

The station is 23 kilometers away from Jinhua West Railway Station. It belongs to Shanghai Railway Administration and is a third-class station.