Set off! Spring train

The flight attendants provide services for the medical team’s return journey. Huang Jie she
The returned medical team members took a group photo at Wuhan station. Qin Tao photo
Anti epidemic personnel killed EMUs. Hu Hao photo
Hankou station killing operation. Zheng Zheng Zhou
Wuhan North Marshalling Station is a busy scene. Photo by Wang Shiwei
The EMU trains allocated to Wuhan EMU are ready for departure. Photo by sun Zhongxiu
Wuhan Station passenger transport personnel organize passengers to get on and off in order. Qin Tao photo
From 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the channel from Han to Hubei, and orderly resumed the external traffic. Wuhan’s railway stations are resuming passenger departure business. A train bound for spring is adding vigorous force to the “restart” of this heroic city. Wuhan is a city of heroes, and the people of Wuhan are the people of heroes. This is the capital of Xinhai, the center of China’s Anti Japanese war during the war of Wuhan in 1938, and the city that defeated the floods in 1954 and 1998. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia became a decisive battle area in Wuhan. It successfully blocked the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It will again be included in the history of heroes. The railway and Wuhan depend on each other in life and death, prosper and prosper together. The novel coronavirus pneumonia attacks, the railway people always fight with the people of Wuhan, and help each other. A train runs day and night, rushing to transport living materials, epidemic prevention materials and medical staff to build a green channel for life; a warm service, temperature monitoring, channel closure, free refund, and a solid railway epidemic prevention front; love stories, voluntary activities, community service and donation support show the enthusiasm of the Railway people. In the land of the motherland, the railway artery has set up the steel backbone. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the spread of local epidemic in China was basically blocked with Wuhan as the main battlefield. Wuhan, this heroic city begins to “restart”! With the approval of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the control of the channel from Han to Hubei was gradually lifted when the epidemic prevention and control achieved important results. From March 28, Wuhan formally resumed the arrival business of each railway station, and from 0:00 on April 8, resumed the departure business of each railway station. This is an important sign of Wuhan’s transformation from “holding the suspension” to “restart and recovery”. It is a concrete action to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, promote the return to work, resume production, restore urban functions and promote economic and social development. Wuhan “restarts and recovers”, and the railway is always ready. On the basis of daily disinfection, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. carried out a comprehensive sanitation treatment and deep killing for all passenger stations, reasonably set up health code verification sites and check stations, installed in and out infrared thermometers and temperature measurement facilities; carried out full coverage disinfection for all EMUs and ordinary passenger cars, carried out nucleic acid detection for all passenger crew members, and Locomotive crew and train crew conduct centralized management and health monitoring, all of which are only for passengers to travel more safely, orderly, warm and experience better. “Wuhan, we are back!” At 0:24 on March 28, the K81 train from Xi’an to Guangzhou slowly stopped at Wuchang station. After 65 days of suspension, the three railway stations of Wuchang, Hankou and Wuhan formally resumed the passenger transport arrival business and reopened the channel for the stranded personnel to take the train “home”. The flowing trains and open station buildings will make Wuhan’s future road unimpeded. Tens of millions of people will continue to “dream”, “pursue dreams” and “realize dreams” in this hot land. On March 28, there were sounds of whistles at three railway stations in Wuhan, Hankou and Wuchang: train d9302 arrived with 577 passengers; train g6860 arrived with 798 passengers; train g1112 arrived with 240 passengers stranded in Guangdong returned to Wuhan On the same day, more than 60000 people from Hubei, who were stranded outside, returned home by train from all over the country. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and the good news comes one after another. Wuhan, which is always concerned by the people of the whole country, has been “rebooted”. The gradually recovered traffic is like the pulse of beating, which shows the vigorous power and provides fresh blood for the heroic city. At 10:00 on March 28, the x8015 / 8016 China Europe train (Wuhan) started from Wuhan Central Station of China Railway Union to Duisburg, Germany, carrying 50 containers. This is the first China Europe train from Wuhan since the outbreak prevention and control, marking the resumption of normal operation of China Europe train (Wuhan). A special train for coal and ore is going to power plants and enterprises, and a batch of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery are going to all parts of the motherland On the railway line stretching for thousands of miles in Jingchu area, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. vigorously launched the special train for automobile transportation, coal train, agricultural support express train, fruit cold chain train, iron water intermodal train, etc. to continuously transport materials day and night, providing reliable transportation guarantee for economic and social development. Through thousands of sails, we can see the sky. Confidence and hope rise in spring To restore economic and social order, transportation is the “vanguard”. The recovery of railway passenger transport business, gathering and integrating people flow, logistics and information flow, will soon make Wuhan, a heroic city, return to the prosperous scene of lights and traffic, and glow with new vitality and style! (Qin Tao)