Watch out! Many trains in Xiangyang will have new changes

Starting from 0:00 on July 10, new train charts and summer charts will be implemented on national railways. Reporters learned from Xiangyang Railway Station and Xiangyang East Railway Station that many trains will be adjusted and changed, as follows:

1. Shanghai Hongqiao-Hankou D3011 operation section was extended to Xiangyang, D3011, Shanghai Hongqiao opened at 14:41, and Xiangyang ended at 22:33.

2. New Xiangyang-Hankou D5250 times, Xiangyang 8:08, through Xiangyang East, Zaoyang, Suizhou, Anlu, Yunmeng, Hankou 10:52.

3. Xiangyang East-Shanghai Hongqiao D3004 times, the operation section adjusted to Xiangyang East-Shanghai South, 23:29 to Shanghai South.

4. Hankou-Xiangyang D5231/2 (weekend line), from Friday and Sunday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Hankou-Xiangyang D5237/8 (weekend line), from Saturdays and Mondays to Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, to further meet the needs of passengers on weekends.

5. Xiangyang East-Wuhan D5208 outages; Wuhan-Xiangyang D5217 outages.

On June 26, the relevant person in charge of Xiangyang Railway Station reminded us that this mapping, many pairs of trains passing through Xiangyang and Xiangyang East Station adjust the operation section and change the stops. Travelers are requested to pay close attention to 12306 website and station announcements at any time in order to properly arrange the itinerary.