Yiwu Railway Station Opens Seven More Passenger Trains in Summer Transport

Summer vacation is approaching, and the railway sector will also usher in summer transportation. On June 25, I learned from Yiwu Railway Station that this year’s summer railway transportation will begin on July 1 and end on August 31. During the summer transport period, the Yiwu Station of Jinhua Railway Depot is expected to send 2.577 million passengers, with an average of 40.4 million passengers per day. The main passenger flows are family visits, student flows, tourist flows and return trips. The peak is August 26, with an estimated 47.8 million passengers.

In order to improve summer transport capacity and meet passenger travel needs, Yiwu Railway Station will open seven more trains during the summer transport period, including four high-speed rail trains and three Putin Railway trains. At that time, Yiwu Railway Station will have 320 passenger trains, including 202 high-speed rail trains and 118 Putin Railway trains. The additional high-speed trains are G9319 (Hangzhou East-Quzhou), Yiwu Station departure time is 21:37, through Jinhua, Longyou, arrived at the terminal Quzhou at 22:25, G9310 (Jiangshan-Shanghai Hongqiao), Yiwu Station departure time is 22:36, via Hangzhou East, arrived at the terminal Shanghai Hongqiao at 00:01, and G9315 (Shanghai). Hongqiao-Yiwu, arriving at Yiwu at 23:02; G9316 (Yiwu-Shanghai Hongqiao), departing from Yiwu Station at 23:18, traveling east of Hangzhou and arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao at the terminal at 00:38 the next day. At the same time, the additional Pu-Tie trains are K4281 (Shanghai Nan-Nanchang), Yiwu Station departure time is 10:07, through Jinhua, Shangrao, Yingtan, Jinxian, arrived at the terminal station of Nanchang at 16:41, K4282 (Nanchang-Shanghai Nan), Yiwu Station departure time is 00:09, through Zhuji, Hangzhou East, arrived at the terminal of Shanghai Nan at 04:27; 533 times (Shanghai South-Huaihua), Yiwu Station departure time is 15:29, through Jinhua, Quzhou, Yushan, Shangrao, Yingtan, Xinyu, Yichun, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Loudi, arrived at the terminal at 07:52 the next day.

It is noteworthy that from 0:00 on July 10, new train charts will be implemented on the national railways. The seven additional trains opened during the summer transportation period are not included in the charts, namely G1385, G1386, G4916, G4917, G4918, D771, D772, D5407, D5408, D5685, D5686, D5689 and D5690. The specific running time of the train will be notified separately. Please pay attention to the latest information released by the station.

According to the staff of Yiwu Railway Station, aiming at the characteristics of long summer transportation time, hot weather and large passenger flow, Yiwu Railway Station will increase 20 posts, do a good job in verification, security inspection and platform organization, conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the central air-conditioning in the waiting room to ensure the good use of the central air-conditioning, and add 20 posts in the temporary waiting room No. 2. Typhoon fan, ice block will be placed in high temperature period to cool down. In addition, Yiwu Railway Station will also carry out voluntary service activities, such as consultation and guidance, with volunteers from the League Municipal Committee, Houzhai Street, Yiwu Railway Public Security Bureau, Railway Hub Management Committee and Expressway, to facilitate passengers to enter the station.

Here, the staff of Yiwu Railway Station reminds the passengers that after the implementation of the new train diagram, please pay attention to the train changes in time. During the peak period of summer transportation, we must take valid ID with us, and reserve enough time to wait for the train in order to avoid delaying the journey. During the summer games, there are a lot of “little migratory birds” tourists. Parents and adults must take good care of their children. They must not leave their sight. They should teach their children not to ride scooters, run, play ball or walk on the platform. When the weather is hot, we should also pay attention to preventing heatstroke, especially for people with heart disease, with medicines.