Changsha South Railway Station is expected to have 14.44 million passengers starting July 1.

The 62-day summer transport started on July 1. According to the railway department, 14.44 million passengers arrived and departed from Changsha South Railway Station during the summer transport period, with an average of 233,000 passengers per day. On June 26, it was learned from the summer transport management dispatching meeting of Changsha South Railway Station that the station area will strengthen safety precautions, fine maintenance and passenger services, and make every effort to cope with the highest summer passenger flow since the construction of the station by carrying out special actions such as “100-day renovation”.

This year’s Summer Games begin on July 1 and end on August 31. According to the IMO of Changsha South Railway Station, compared with previous years, this year’s summer transport has the following characteristics: the new line of operation chart, from July 10, Changsha South is expected to open a pair of Kunming-Xiamen North Direct Train, and extend the high-speed railway from Changsha South to Guangzhou to Zhuhai according to the situation, and increase overtime according to the peak passenger flow situation. High-speed rail. Secondly, the summer passenger flow will continue to run at a high level this year. According to the railway department, this year’s summer passenger flow will increase by 1.46 million compared with that of 2018, and the peak day is expected to send 320,000 passengers. Mainly students, workers and tourists, the peak of passenger flow may appear in mid-July and the end of August. Among them, the peak of students’trip will occur from late June to early July, and the peak of return trip will occur from late August to early September.