XinYi Railway Station


Longhai Railway Upward Direction: Wayao Station Downward Direction: Ma Lingshan Station

Upward Direction of Xinyi-Changzhou Railway: Downward Direction of Xinyi West Railway Station: Xinyi South Railway Station Originally named Xin’an Town Station

Site: Xin’an Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province

Bus: 101, 102, 10, 11

Postal code: 221400

History: Founded in 1925

Location: 529 km from Changxing Station (New Long Line), 114 km from Lianyun Station and 1645 km from Lanzhou Station (Longhai Line)

Attribution: Formerly under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou Branch of Jinan Railway Administration and now under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Railway Administration, on March 25, 2008, the local jurisdiction sections of Jinan and Shanghai Railways were adjusted, and the Longhai Railway Line was divided into the east to Lianyungang, the west to Yucheng County and the north to Liguo Station, which had been merged into the former Xuzhou Railway Branch of Jinan Railway Administration. The Shanghai Railway Administration has jurisdiction and has adjusted the administrative boundaries of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway Line of the two bureaus accordingly.

Grade: It is now a second-class station.

Passenger Transport: Check-in and landing of passengers, baggage and parcels

Freight Transportation: Delivery of whole vehicle, part-load and container cargo; storage of whole vehicle cargo before shipment