China’s special train for epidemic prevention materials arrives in Serbia ahead of time

The 75041 China EU novel coronavirus pneumonia, which contained 3500 cubic meters and 294.42 tons of international cooperation in the field of epidemic prevention, arrived at the capital of Beijing on 17 in May 26th. Serbia arrived in Belgrade, Serbia, to support the Serbia and its neighboring countries in fighting the new crown pneumonia. At 10:00 on May 9, the special train for epidemic prevention of China Europe train organized and carried by China Railway Materials Group Co., Ltd. started from Wujiashan station of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and 50 containers were loaded with international cooperation epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical equipment, etc. With the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continuing to improve and the order of economic and social development accelerating to recover, China is making greater and greater contributions to international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control. The special train for epidemic prevention materials leaves the country through Alashankou, Xinjiang, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other countries, with a journey of more than 10000 kilometers, and a regular transportation time of 25 days. The situation of international epidemic prevention and control is grim. Time is life. Under the situation of urgent time, on the one hand, China tiewu quickly organizes the source of goods, organizes the vehicles to quickly assemble the epidemic prevention materials from 7 provinces and cities, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong, Shandong, etc., to Wuhan, and at the same time immediately handles the procedures of line planning, customs declaration and inspection. On the other hand, the transportation plan of China’s iron products is optimized, and the transportation time of special train for epidemic prevention materials is reduced from about 25 days to 16 days, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency of China Europe train. Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Branch of China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd., China Railway Union Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Central Station, Wuhan Customs, Wuhan han’ou International Logistics Co., Ltd. and other relevant units set up special affairs offices to “green light” all the way and complete all the processes within one week. China Railway, once known as the “General Logistics Department” of China Railway, is a material supplier of Hungary Serbia railway. In China, it took the lead in opening up the new China Europe train line to Serbia. Serbian people and media praised China’s help and support. Relevant government officials said that the special train for epidemic prevention materials started from Wuhan and drove along the “belt and road” to Belgrade, which has become a symbol of “iron and steel friendship” between the two brotherly countries.

The poverty alleviation shed has been built!

The picture shows the villagers of Tangwan village and the poverty alleviation cadres in the village carrying the mushroom bags to the shed. Photo by he Pengbo
Recently, the poverty alleviation industrial shed of the second phase of mushroom base in Tangwan village, Yuandun Town, Mianxian County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, invested 900000 yuan by China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was put into use. In the second phase of the project, 60000 bags of bacteria bags are planned to be put into use, with an estimated annual output value of 500000 yuan, which can drive 94 poor households in the village to increase their income by more than 500 yuan.
The first phase of the project was completed and put into operation in 2019. It has created a net income of more than 60000 yuan for Tangwan village, increased the income of land circulation of poor households by 8000 yuan, and realized the local and nearby employment of 20 poor people.

Guarding the beautiful great Qinling Mountain

Fuxing passed through Hanzhong in southern Shaanxi surrounded by Qinling Mountains. Photo by Tang Zhenjiang, special correspondent of our newspaper
The majestic Great Qinling Mountain stretches 1600 kilometers from Gansu in the west, Henan and Hubei in the East, Xi’an in the north, Sichuan and Chongqing in the south. Between the green waters and green mountains, one railway artery runs through. Take a train from the ancient city of Xi’an, you can cross the Qinling Mountains to Zuoshui by Xikang railway, you can cross the main peak of Qinling Mountains to Chengdu by Baocheng railway and Xicheng high-speed railway, or you can go west by Zhengxi, Xibao and Baolan high-speed railway. Tourists will always be attracted by the magnificent scenery outside the window. China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. earnestly studies and implements the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his recent visit to Shaanxi, adheres to the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, puts the Qinling ecological environment protection work in an important position in the railway operation and construction, actively performs its duties and missions, and serves the economic and social development of Qinba mountain area. In the station area, like taking good care of the ecological environment, in the early morning of April, the k4629 train to Ankang left Xi’an station, along the Xikang railway, through Lintong and Baqiao, from Chang’an District at the north foot of Qinling Mountains, through the Qinling tunnel more than 18 kilometers long, and then entered Yingpan Town, Zhashui County, Shangluo City, at the south foot of Qinling Mountains. The tallest mountain that passengers can see through the window is Niubeiliang, the main peak in the east section of Qinling Mountains. Niubeiliang, with an altitude of 2802 meters, is named for its peak shape like Niubei. It spans the main ridge of Qinling Mountains and contains many rare animal and plant resources. It is a precious genetic database of species. “We work and live in the arms of Qinling Mountains, drink the water in the mountains, breathe the air in the mountains, and eat the black fungus in the mountains. We must bear in mind the general secretary’s entrustment, be a good guardian of Qinling ecology, and rely on the mountains to raise and protect the mountains.” Talking about General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve on April 20 to investigate the ecological protection of Qinling Mountains, Cai Hong, deputy chief of the Party member, was still very excited. Since the completion of Xikang railway, Cai Hong, 50, has been working in the first working area of Yingzhen line of Zhashui line workshop of Ankang Public Works section, and his workmates are guarding the 44 km line equipment between Zhashui and Qingcha. Cai Hong told reporters that a few kilometers away from the work area is Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve, which was built in 1982. Since the completion of Xikang railway in 2001, the railway has attached great importance to the protection of Qinling environment, launched the Xikang “civilization demonstration line” project, built garden style work area, farm style vegetable garden, apartment style dormitory, and formed a beautiful railway station area home. Qinling is the most beautiful in Shaanxi and the most dangerous in Shaanxi. Because of its precipitousness, Qinling Mountain has become a natural traffic barrier hindering the economic development of Western China. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the Baocheng railway, which was opened to traffic in 1958, has been a “single wooden bridge” for nearly half a century. Until the new century, the first Xikang railway crossing the north and south of Qinling Mountains was built, which made Shaanxi erect the “iron backbone” between the north and the south. The railway opened the north gate to the southwest from Ankang in the south of Shaanxi. In the past 20 years, Cai Hong, together with the staff of the systems such as train service, track service, power supply and electricity service stationed along the railway, has been protecting the safety and smoothness of the main artery and greening and beautifying the working and living environment. They put in domestic garbage at designated points, planted fruit trees in the yard of the work area, opened up vegetable gardens and gardens, and let the railway station area have flowers in spring, shade in summer, fruits in autumn and green in winter. In Shaanxi Province, most of the railways pass through Qinba mountain area, and the railway workers stationed in the station area “love the ecological environment as much as they love their eyes”. With the will and concept of joint action, they cherish the flowers, trees, mountains and waters of Qinling Mountain, and “add bricks and tiles” to guard the ecological environment of Qinling mountain. After careful protection by many parties, now, Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi Province “has a forest coverage rate of 69.65%, a forest reserve of 270 million cubic meters, more than 3840 species of seed plants and more than 580 species of terrestrial vertebrates”, which has become the core of China’s top ecological space. In recent days, Zhashui black fungus from the depth of Qinling Mountains has become a new “net red”. On April 21, 20 million people paid close attention to the live online delivery of goods, 24 tons of Zhashui black fungus were bought out, helping the villagers in the hinterland of Qinba get rid of poverty and become rich. “Like Shangluo City, Mianxian County of Hanzhong city is located in the south of Shaanxi. Mianxian county is in the southwest of Xi’an, Shangluo is in the southeast of Xi’an, and Ankang City is in the middle. Auricularia auricula is one of the main agricultural products to increase the income of the poor people in southern Shaanxi and one of the key agricultural products for poverty alleviation of railway industry. ” Staff introduction of Poverty Alleviation Office of China Railway Xi’an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Last year, the railway poverty alleviation cadres stationed in Mianxian county came to Zhashui agricultural demonstration park to visit the industrial project of Muer town and learn the cultivation technology of Muer. Nowadays, the black fungus in Mianxian county has become the golden ear for making a fortune. The important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Shaanxi Province aroused a warm response among the railway cadres and workers. In particular, the railway poverty alleviation cadres stationed in Qinba mountain area deeply studied and implemented the speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s investigation on poverty alleviation in Jinmi village, Xiaoling Town, Zhashui County, Jinping community, Laoxian Town, Pingli County, Ankang City, and Nuwa Fenghuang tea industry modern demonstration park, Jiangjiaping village, in order to “extend the industrial chain, improve the anti risk ability” and “ensure the sustainable and stable income increase of the poor people” ”Try to find a way. Lifting one’s hat from poverty is not the end, but the starting point of a new life and struggle. On February 27 of this year, the incidence of poverty in Mianxian County dropped from 16.9% to 0.78%. Mianxian County withdrew from the poverty-stricken county sequence and successfully lifted its hat from poverty. However, the railway poverty alleviation cadres are still stationed in the villages, working with the villagers and producing together. While guarding the ecology of the “central water tower”, they should open the “small slow train” in Qinling, build the station car agricultural products sales platform, start the return to work special train to developed cities, extend sales contacts on the railway 12306app and the “China Railway Express online shopping mall” e-commerce platform, and develop Auricularia, traditional Chinese medicine So far, 51795 people from 18801 households in Mianxian county have been helped to take off the poverty hat in tourism and other ecological industries. “Mianxian county has been lifted out of poverty, but we still need to” help the local people to get on the horse and give them a ride “so that the people in Qinba mountain area can live a happy new life.” In the five tea processing workshops in piaozogou village, Wu Jiankui, a railway poverty alleviation cadre, carefully checked the tea orders, checked the processing progress, and pondered new ideas for new tea sales. At present, China Railway Group has done a solid job in “six stability” work, fully implemented the task of “six guarantees”, and worked hard to overcome the new challenges faced by winning the battle of poverty alleviation. Together with China Railway Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou and other Bureau Group Co., Ltd., it has focused on implementing the measures of poverty alleviation in the normalized epidemic prevention and control, consolidated the achievements of poverty alleviation in Qinba mountain area, and supported by strong poverty alleviation forces The people in Qinba mountain area run for a well-off life. Railway construction, protect the green water and green mountains of Qinling, and promote the civilization. On April 25, in the hinterland of Laoyu, a mountainous area in the Qinling Mountains, more than 400 passengers took g89 train and “boarded” the main peak of Qinling Mountains along the Xicheng high-speed railway. After crossing 110 kilometers of long and dense tunnels, they entered the beautiful “hometown of Zhuyi” in Yangxian county. Under the towering high-speed rail viaduct is the experimental area of Zhuyu National Nature Reserve. As early as the design of xi’an-chengdu high-speed railway, all parties involved in the construction of the railway adhered to the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”. When selecting the line, they avoided the core area of zhu’an habitat, selected the experimental area with the least impact, and passed through it in the form of viaduct, with wide bridge holes under it, allowing birds and other animals to pass freely. “In the process of line selection, design and construction, xi’an-chengdu high-speed railway always adheres to the ecological protection as the leading factor, adopts a series of strict natural protection measures, through underground crossing, improving the height of bridge erection, setting up bird anti-collision net and other measures, to maximize the protection of wild animal habitats such as giant panda, golden monkey, Zhu Yu, antelope and so on.” The staff of xi’an-chengdu Passenger Dedicated Railway Shaanxi Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the construction task, preached. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions and instructions for strengthening the ecological protection of the Qinling Mountains for many times. During his recent visit to Shaanxi, he stressed that “the Qinling Mountains are the central water tower of China, the ancestor of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese culture” and “protecting the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains will ensure the long-term prosperity of the Chinese nation and the realization of” two aspects ” It is of great and far-reaching significance to achieve the goal of “one hundred years” and realize sustainable development. Starting from the source of railway construction, China Railway Group takes ecological environment protection as an important consideration when selecting the line, avoiding Qinling nature reserve and water source reserve to the maximum extent, especially when passing through Qinling giant panda habitat and Tianhua Mountain National Nature Reserve experimental area, more than 90% of the line passes through the underground tunnel with the burial depth of 800m to 1000m. According to the staff of xi’an-chengdu Passenger Dedicated Railway Shaanxi company, the railway once entrusted Northwest Institute of endangered animals to carry out a special study on the impact of high-speed railway on zhu’an’s activities and protective measures. After more than one year’s testing, the test sections of four kinds of zhu’an’s protective measures, including transparent protective plate, opaque protective plate, metal welding protective mesh and metal woven protective mesh, were compared, and finally metal braided protective mesh was adopted Weaving flexible protective net is the best measure to protect the safety of Zhuhe. The railway department has installed 33014m protective net in the sections passing through Zhuyu National Nature Reserve, with an additional investment of 35 million yuan. Xicheng high-speed railway is the first high-speed railway in the world to install large-scale bird protection nets. This kind of protective net not only has certain elasticity and expansibility, but also can prevent Zhu Yu from being damaged by collision. Moreover, a striking reflective bar block is used to prevent Zhu Yu from accidentally colliding because he can’t see the protective net. Since the protective net was put into use, there has not been a case of Zhu Zhen hitting the net. In the past, the Qinling Shu Road between Qinling and Shushu was “the plank road connects with the dangerous mountains”; today, the long railway tunnel and the high bridge over Jueling form a major traffic artery leading to Kangzhuang road in the vast west, and continue to write a new chapter to promote the balanced development of western provinces, regions and cities. On April 16, the national development and Reform Commission approved the feasibility study report of xi’an-shiyan high-speed railway project. The high-speed railway, through Shangzhou District of Shangluo City, Shanyang County to Shiyan City of Hubei Province, is connected with Wuhan Shiyan high-speed railway, which will make Lantian, Shangluo, Shanyang, Manchuanguan and other places deep in Qinling Mountains step into the era of high-speed railway. At the same time, Xi’an Ankang, Ankang Hanzhong and other high-speed rail are also in planning and design. These fast roads will vigorously promote the overall poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization of Qinba mountain area, better support the construction of the “belt and road”, the development of the Yangtze River economic belt and the western development, and promote the economic and social development along the line.  

Set off! Spring train

The flight attendants provide services for the medical team’s return journey. Huang Jie she
The returned medical team members took a group photo at Wuhan station. Qin Tao photo
Anti epidemic personnel killed EMUs. Hu Hao photo
Hankou station killing operation. Zheng Zheng Zhou
Wuhan North Marshalling Station is a busy scene. Photo by Wang Shiwei
The EMU trains allocated to Wuhan EMU are ready for departure. Photo by sun Zhongxiu
Wuhan Station passenger transport personnel organize passengers to get on and off in order. Qin Tao photo
From 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the channel from Han to Hubei, and orderly resumed the external traffic. Wuhan’s railway stations are resuming passenger departure business. A train bound for spring is adding vigorous force to the “restart” of this heroic city. Wuhan is a city of heroes, and the people of Wuhan are the people of heroes. This is the capital of Xinhai, the center of China’s Anti Japanese war during the war of Wuhan in 1938, and the city that defeated the floods in 1954 and 1998. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia became a decisive battle area in Wuhan. It successfully blocked the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It will again be included in the history of heroes. The railway and Wuhan depend on each other in life and death, prosper and prosper together. The novel coronavirus pneumonia attacks, the railway people always fight with the people of Wuhan, and help each other. A train runs day and night, rushing to transport living materials, epidemic prevention materials and medical staff to build a green channel for life; a warm service, temperature monitoring, channel closure, free refund, and a solid railway epidemic prevention front; love stories, voluntary activities, community service and donation support show the enthusiasm of the Railway people. In the land of the motherland, the railway artery has set up the steel backbone. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the spread of local epidemic in China was basically blocked with Wuhan as the main battlefield. Wuhan, this heroic city begins to “restart”! With the approval of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the control of the channel from Han to Hubei was gradually lifted when the epidemic prevention and control achieved important results. From March 28, Wuhan formally resumed the arrival business of each railway station, and from 0:00 on April 8, resumed the departure business of each railway station. This is an important sign of Wuhan’s transformation from “holding the suspension” to “restart and recovery”. It is a concrete action to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, promote the return to work, resume production, restore urban functions and promote economic and social development. Wuhan “restarts and recovers”, and the railway is always ready. On the basis of daily disinfection, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. carried out a comprehensive sanitation treatment and deep killing for all passenger stations, reasonably set up health code verification sites and check stations, installed in and out infrared thermometers and temperature measurement facilities; carried out full coverage disinfection for all EMUs and ordinary passenger cars, carried out nucleic acid detection for all passenger crew members, and Locomotive crew and train crew conduct centralized management and health monitoring, all of which are only for passengers to travel more safely, orderly, warm and experience better. “Wuhan, we are back!” At 0:24 on March 28, the K81 train from Xi’an to Guangzhou slowly stopped at Wuchang station. After 65 days of suspension, the three railway stations of Wuchang, Hankou and Wuhan formally resumed the passenger transport arrival business and reopened the channel for the stranded personnel to take the train “home”. The flowing trains and open station buildings will make Wuhan’s future road unimpeded. Tens of millions of people will continue to “dream”, “pursue dreams” and “realize dreams” in this hot land. On March 28, there were sounds of whistles at three railway stations in Wuhan, Hankou and Wuchang: train d9302 arrived with 577 passengers; train g6860 arrived with 798 passengers; train g1112 arrived with 240 passengers stranded in Guangdong returned to Wuhan On the same day, more than 60000 people from Hubei, who were stranded outside, returned home by train from all over the country. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and the good news comes one after another. Wuhan, which is always concerned by the people of the whole country, has been “rebooted”. The gradually recovered traffic is like the pulse of beating, which shows the vigorous power and provides fresh blood for the heroic city. At 10:00 on March 28, the x8015 / 8016 China Europe train (Wuhan) started from Wuhan Central Station of China Railway Union to Duisburg, Germany, carrying 50 containers. This is the first China Europe train from Wuhan since the outbreak prevention and control, marking the resumption of normal operation of China Europe train (Wuhan). A special train for coal and ore is going to power plants and enterprises, and a batch of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery are going to all parts of the motherland On the railway line stretching for thousands of miles in Jingchu area, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. vigorously launched the special train for automobile transportation, coal train, agricultural support express train, fruit cold chain train, iron water intermodal train, etc. to continuously transport materials day and night, providing reliable transportation guarantee for economic and social development. Through thousands of sails, we can see the sky. Confidence and hope rise in spring To restore economic and social order, transportation is the “vanguard”. The recovery of railway passenger transport business, gathering and integrating people flow, logistics and information flow, will soon make Wuhan, a heroic city, return to the prosperous scene of lights and traffic, and glow with new vitality and style! (Qin Tao)

Announcement of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the temporary adjustment scheme of some passenger trains during April 1-21, 2020

1. From April 11 to April 21, 2020, Zhangjiajie opened k747 passenger trains for temporary suspension.    

2. On April 1, 2020, the operation of k768 / 9 passenger train of Hanzhong Railway Co., Ltd. to Ankang station was terminated, and the section between Ankang and Guangzhou was temporarily stopped.    

3. On April 2, 2020, the passenger trains of South Changsha – Yongzhou g9601 and South Yongzhou – Changsha g9602 will be added.  

For details, please visit, and the announcement of the station on that day shall prevail.  

Accelerate the “restart” of Wuhan

——Wuhan bureau group company helps to restore economic and social order
Resumption of work is to stabilize employment and resumption of production is to stabilize the economy. In recent days, the railway department has actively implemented the requirements of the central government, scientifically and accurately carried out the prevention and control of railway epidemic, consolidated and expanded the freight increment, orderly and steadily restored the passenger traffic volume, and completed the transportation “vanguard” of resumption of work and production, contributing to the overall restoration of economic and social order. On March 24, the headquarters for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus in Hubei Province issued a notice: from 0:00 on March 25, the control of the exit passageway from Hubei Province was removed from areas outside Wuhan; from 0:00 on April 8, the control measures of the exit passageway from Hubei Province were removed from Wuhan. After the announcement was issued, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. responded in the first time, gradually and orderly resumed the arrival and departure business of the railway station in Hubei Province, providing reliable transportation guarantee for the orderly flow of passengers and the resumption of production of the enterprise. &Nbsp; the passenger transport business was gradually restored, and the passenger flow was safe and orderly. At 0:24 on March 28, the K81 train from Xi’an to Guangzhou slowly stopped at platform 5 of Wuchang station, and three passengers got off the train, becoming the first group of passengers to arrive in Wuhan after the Wuhan Railway Station resumed arriving business on that day. “I was so excited that I finally came back to Wuhan.” The passenger Yu Yongbing said to the railway staff who had been waiting on the platform. At this time, Xu Fang, the head of Wuchang station, who is also excited, is guarding the west exit of the station. Check the ID card, ticket, registration information and confirm the temperature of the passengers leaving the station. After Wuhan temporarily closed the train station exit channel on January 23, 65 days later, she found the satisfaction of serving passengers. At 15:09 on March 28, g1112 train from Guangzhou South Station stopped at Wuhan station stably, 240 passengers got off under the guidance of station staff. On the same day, at Wuhan station, more than 12000 Hubei passengers returned to Wuhan from all over the country by high-speed rail. In order to prepare for the passengers, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. carried out daily killing and regular deep killing for 17 stations in Wuhan, including Wuhan station, Hankou station and Wuchang station, so as to completely kill the platform, exit channel, elevator and other public areas without any dead corner; strengthened inspection and maintenance of the check-in gate, infrared temperature measurement and other facilities and equipment to ensure good operation Learn to plan the outbound routes of passengers, reduce the prevention and control of safety risks, and ensure the fast and orderly outbound of arriving passengers. “We are still busy on the platform every day for 65 days when the passenger passage is closed.” Said Jia Qingqing, Secretary of the Party branch of the “five heart” service group of Wuhan railway station and head of the station on duty. After the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the medical and nursing supplies and epidemic prevention materials that support Hubei all over the country everfount through the railway. The station transplants medical personnel and materials to the front line of epidemic prevention at the first time, and builds a fast channel to guard life. During the epidemic, more than 7100 medical staff and more than 190000 pieces of epidemic prevention materials and instruments were successfully transferred in the stations under the management of Wuhan bureau group company, which won time for epidemic prevention and control. “From 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan will resume its external transportation, and the railway station will welcome passengers. A new round of busyness will start again, and we are ready for it. ” Jia Qingqing said. In order to ensure the gradual and orderly recovery of Hubei railway passenger transport, Wuhan Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. focuses on the work of passenger transport personnel, line equipment, train dispatching, etc. They carry out nucleic acid test and other relevant health checks for locomotive crew members, trainman, police and other key post personnel who are on duty for passenger trains, and only after passing the tests can they take up the post for service; carry out pre post epidemic prevention knowledge and safety emergency knowledge training, and add medical masks, disinfection tablets, temperature measurement kits and other epidemic prevention materials and spare parts on the train, so as to ensure the safety of the journey and let the personnel Safe flow. &Nbsp; the special train for returning to work will be opened, and the returning workers will embark on the new journey. “Please show your health code and your travel certificate.” In the early morning of March 29, Zhao Fengxia arrived at Yichang east station by the return to work direct bus, and entered the waiting hall after the temperature and information inspection by the station staff. “When I learned that Yichang opened the second special train for migrant workers, I immediately registered and got this group ticket. You can go to Shenzhen and get together with your husband. ” At 8:37, the g1034 special train for migrant workers carried 432 migrant workers from Yichang, including Zhao Fengxia, to Shenzhen North Station. Zhao Fengxia and her husband both work in an electronic accessory factory in Shenzhen. Two people who returned to Yichang before the lunar new year were affected by the epidemic and could not return to their posts on time. With the continuous improvement of the national epidemic prevention and control situation, and the call for resumption of work and production, the demand for migrant workers to return to work in Hubei increased. In order to implement the requirements of the central government for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the railway department actively connects with the local government and makes every effort to open the channels for returning to work. On March 23, the g4948 special train of Yichang City for the first time to Shenzhen started the journey of returning to work with 1151 returning workers, including Zhao Fengxia’s husband. Hubei province is a big province of labor export, with about 6 million migrant workers out of the province all year round. Under the premise of good health management and implementation of prevention and control measures, Hubei Province adopts the “point-to-point” and “one-stop” mode through the railway to accurately transport migrant workers back to work. At 16:51 on March 21, g6846 train from Shiyan to Hankou stopped at platform 14 of Hankou station. The train is the first “point-to-point” return train to Wuhan after the outbreak. All 1013 passengers on the train are factory employees of Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd. “There are scattered seats in the car and medical staff on board. We are very relieved by the special train for returning to work.” The 26-year-old Shiyan said he was confident that he could return to work as soon as possible to earn money. On the same day, Hankou station set up 20 staff members on the platform and exit tunnel to guide those with normal body temperature out of the station in an orderly manner, and the bus at the exit went directly to Dongfeng plant area, realizing the seamless connection of “point-to-point” return of migrant workers. The departure and arrival of the special train for migrant workers and the orderly resumption of production are gradually accelerating. In order to meet the demand of return to work and production in all regions to the maximum extent, Wuhan bureau group company, on the basis of mastering the number, destination and travel time of migrant workers, actively allocated the ticket amount, improved the train transportation organization scheme, and transported migrant workers from “home gate” to “factory gate” in a safe and orderly way by zones and levels. Since the middle of March, the “point-to-point” high-speed rail special train set up by Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has transported more than 6000 returned workers. &At 10:00 on March 28, China Europe train (Wuhan) x8015 started from Wuhan Central Station of China Railway Union and left through Alashankou. It is expected to arrive in Duisburg, Germany, 15 days later. This is the first China Europe train from Wuhan since the outbreak prevention and control, marking the resumption of normal operation of China Europe train (Wuhan). “Nearly 90% of the goods on this train are produced by local enterprises in Wuhan. Among them, there are 166.4 tons of medical non-woven cloth, medical tablecloth and other protective articles, automobile accessories, communication optical fiber and other materials supporting European countries. After the train arrives at the destination, the goods will be distributed to Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries. ” Zhao Ming, deputy director of the freight Department of Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that in order to speed up the recovery of economic and social development, the railway department has made every effort to open the freight transport channel. After the normalization of China Europe train (Wuhan), it will provide efficient transport capacity guarantee for the import and export trade of enterprises. Open the “big artery” and unblock the “microcirculation”. Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. takes the responsibility of serving the national economy and people’s livelihood and maintaining the national economic and social order, gives full play to the role of the main backbone of transportation, scientifically allocates transportation resources, vigorously organizes the operation of China Europe train, rail water intermodal train, etc., pays full attention to the transportation organization of key materials, and contributes to the stable economic and social development. At 17:10 on March 13, a freight train loaded with 3000 tons of iron ore was put out at Jingmen south station. After about 30 hours’ driving, it reached mianxi station in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. This is the first combined train of Haijiang railway that resumed operation in Hubei Province after the outbreak. “During the epidemic, the railway freight continued to be unimpeded, ensuring the normal production of our enterprise.” The head of logistics and Transportation Department of shaangang group said gratefully. Do not miss farming, do a good job in spring farming agricultural production. In Yichang, the main production area of chemical fertilizer, at 5 o’clock on March 7, in the freight yard of Dangyang station of Yichang train depot, the stevedores loaded 1130 tons of chemical fertilizer into 18 vehicles in a race against the clock, and the train started out at the fastest speed. Due to the restriction of road transportation during the epidemic period and the fact that the Yangtze River is in the dry season, the navigation capacity of the Three Gorges ship lock is limited, and the railway has become the main channel for fertilizer transportation in Western Hubei. In order to assist in the transportation of spring ploughing production materials all over the country, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. strengthened the three-level working contact mechanism of freight marketing, entered the plant area, visited the site and conducted telemarketing, accurately grasped the production, sales and transportation of agricultural materials, scientifically formulated “one destination + n station arrival” and other transportation plans, and provided “one-stop” and “contactless” services such as transportation, loading and hanging Actively promote enterprise carpooling, drive direct agricultural support express, and improve the efficiency of agricultural materials transportation with green lights. A special train for coal and ore will be sent to power plants and enterprises, a train for vegetables and food will be sent to major markets in Wuhan, and a batch of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery will be sent to all parts of the motherland On the Jingchu railway line, Mercedes Benz trains transport all kinds of materials to meet the needs of enterprise production and people’s life.

Announcement of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the temporary adjustment scheme of some passenger trains on March 29 and March 30, 2020

1. On March 29, 2020, Changchun Kai z384 / 5 times of operation to Ji’an station, changed the circuitous operation to Shaoguan east via Beijing Jiulong and Ganshao lines, and resumed the original road operation to Sanya.  

2. On March 30, 2020, T172 passenger trains of Guangzhou dongkai were temporarily stopped.  

3. On March 29, 2020, the k768 / 9 operation of Hanzhong railway was terminated in Leiyang, and the k768 / 9 passenger train from Leiyang to Guangzhou was temporarily stopped.  

4. On March 30, 2020, Guangzhou opened k770 / 67 times of operation to the end of Zhangtan, and at the same time, Zhangtan Hanzhong k770 / 67 passenger train was temporarily stopped.  

5. On March 30, 2020, K82 / 3 and K202 / 3 / 2 passenger trains in Guangzhou were temporarily stopped.  

For details, please visit, and the announcement of the station on that day shall prevail.  

Carrying out centralized maintenance and renovation in Ankang Power supply section to ensure smooth railway transportation

Recently, Ankang Power Supply Section organized personnel, vehicles, machines and tools to conduct centralized maintenance and renovation of 589 key sections and key equipment to eliminate defects and hidden dangers and ensure smooth railway transportation. The picture shows that the workers in Hanzhong Power Operation and maintenance area are repairing the additional second line power supply equipment of Yang’an railway. Photo by Peng Shudong

Sea-River-Rail Intermodal Train of CR Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. Resumes Normal Operation

  At 17:10 on March 13, a freight train loaded with 3,000 tons of iron ore departed at Jingmen South Station of China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. and arrived directly at Mianxi Station in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province after about 30 hours of travel. This is the first sea-river-rail intermodal train originating from Hubei since the epidemic outbreak, marking the resumption of normal operation of sea-river-rail intermodal trains.

  After the sea-river-rail intermodal train resumes normal operation, the railway sector will maintain its daily traffic at 100 cars at least to provide enterprises with transport services with better quality and lower price.