Set off! Spring train

The flight attendants provide services for the medical team’s return journey. Huang Jie she
The returned medical team members took a group photo at Wuhan station. Qin Tao photo
Anti epidemic personnel killed EMUs. Hu Hao photo
Hankou station killing operation. Zheng Zheng Zhou
Wuhan North Marshalling Station is a busy scene. Photo by Wang Shiwei
The EMU trains allocated to Wuhan EMU are ready for departure. Photo by sun Zhongxiu
Wuhan Station passenger transport personnel organize passengers to get on and off in order. Qin Tao photo
From 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the channel from Han to Hubei, and orderly resumed the external traffic. Wuhan’s railway stations are resuming passenger departure business. A train bound for spring is adding vigorous force to the “restart” of this heroic city. Wuhan is a city of heroes, and the people of Wuhan are the people of heroes. This is the capital of Xinhai, the center of China’s Anti Japanese war during the war of Wuhan in 1938, and the city that defeated the floods in 1954 and 1998. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia became a decisive battle area in Wuhan. It successfully blocked the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It will again be included in the history of heroes. The railway and Wuhan depend on each other in life and death, prosper and prosper together. The novel coronavirus pneumonia attacks, the railway people always fight with the people of Wuhan, and help each other. A train runs day and night, rushing to transport living materials, epidemic prevention materials and medical staff to build a green channel for life; a warm service, temperature monitoring, channel closure, free refund, and a solid railway epidemic prevention front; love stories, voluntary activities, community service and donation support show the enthusiasm of the Railway people. In the land of the motherland, the railway artery has set up the steel backbone. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the spread of local epidemic in China was basically blocked with Wuhan as the main battlefield. Wuhan, this heroic city begins to “restart”! With the approval of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the control of the channel from Han to Hubei was gradually lifted when the epidemic prevention and control achieved important results. From March 28, Wuhan formally resumed the arrival business of each railway station, and from 0:00 on April 8, resumed the departure business of each railway station. This is an important sign of Wuhan’s transformation from “holding the suspension” to “restart and recovery”. It is a concrete action to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, promote the return to work, resume production, restore urban functions and promote economic and social development. Wuhan “restarts and recovers”, and the railway is always ready. On the basis of daily disinfection, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. carried out a comprehensive sanitation treatment and deep killing for all passenger stations, reasonably set up health code verification sites and check stations, installed in and out infrared thermometers and temperature measurement facilities; carried out full coverage disinfection for all EMUs and ordinary passenger cars, carried out nucleic acid detection for all passenger crew members, and Locomotive crew and train crew conduct centralized management and health monitoring, all of which are only for passengers to travel more safely, orderly, warm and experience better. “Wuhan, we are back!” At 0:24 on March 28, the K81 train from Xi’an to Guangzhou slowly stopped at Wuchang station. After 65 days of suspension, the three railway stations of Wuchang, Hankou and Wuhan formally resumed the passenger transport arrival business and reopened the channel for the stranded personnel to take the train “home”. The flowing trains and open station buildings will make Wuhan’s future road unimpeded. Tens of millions of people will continue to “dream”, “pursue dreams” and “realize dreams” in this hot land. On March 28, there were sounds of whistles at three railway stations in Wuhan, Hankou and Wuchang: train d9302 arrived with 577 passengers; train g6860 arrived with 798 passengers; train g1112 arrived with 240 passengers stranded in Guangdong returned to Wuhan On the same day, more than 60000 people from Hubei, who were stranded outside, returned home by train from all over the country. The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and the good news comes one after another. Wuhan, which is always concerned by the people of the whole country, has been “rebooted”. The gradually recovered traffic is like the pulse of beating, which shows the vigorous power and provides fresh blood for the heroic city. At 10:00 on March 28, the x8015 / 8016 China Europe train (Wuhan) started from Wuhan Central Station of China Railway Union to Duisburg, Germany, carrying 50 containers. This is the first China Europe train from Wuhan since the outbreak prevention and control, marking the resumption of normal operation of China Europe train (Wuhan). A special train for coal and ore is going to power plants and enterprises, and a batch of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery are going to all parts of the motherland On the railway line stretching for thousands of miles in Jingchu area, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. vigorously launched the special train for automobile transportation, coal train, agricultural support express train, fruit cold chain train, iron water intermodal train, etc. to continuously transport materials day and night, providing reliable transportation guarantee for economic and social development. Through thousands of sails, we can see the sky. Confidence and hope rise in spring To restore economic and social order, transportation is the “vanguard”. The recovery of railway passenger transport business, gathering and integrating people flow, logistics and information flow, will soon make Wuhan, a heroic city, return to the prosperous scene of lights and traffic, and glow with new vitality and style! (Qin Tao)

Wuhan restart

Blue sky rescue team kill personnel in Hankou station.
Blue sky rescue team kill personnel in Hankou station.
EMU trains are neatly parked on the storage line of Wuhan EMU.
On March 20, Wuhan was sunny and breezy.
On the square in front of Hankou station of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., sanitation workers are cleaning the ground. In the bus station not far away, bus No. 610 is preparing to go online for trial run. The warm spring wind blows away the haze, and Wuhan is slowly waking up.
In the railway station, Xiao Qi, the passenger attendant, stands at platform 1 to pick up the train. At 15:08, train d2218 / 2215 from Chongqing to Shanghai Hongqiao stopped at Hankou station. During the epidemic prevention and control period, no passengers got on or off the platform. “What’s different is that there are a few passengers in the empty carriage these days. They should be returning workers.” Xiao Qi watched the train leave safely after the handover with the conductor. Ten minutes later, a team of professional killers in protective clothing came to the platform.
On the same day, nearly 60 members of the blue sky rescue team from all over the country gathered at HanKou Railway Station to begin the killing of the railway station, which has been closed for 58 days. In Hankou station, the blue sky rescue team members are equipped with chlorine dioxide disinfectant on their backs and double tube pulse mist eliminator by hand to kill public places and facilities such as entrance passageway, waiting hall, platform, elevator, seat, etc., as well as the relatively dense places such as security check instrument, entrance gate, ticket hall and exit with high frequency of passenger contact, so as to ensure the one-day operation The transport hub, which once sent nearly 160000 passengers, has no dead space or blind area in the killing process.
This “killing campaign” reminds us that the life disrupted by the epidemic is gradually returning, and the clarion call for resumption of work and production has been sounded.
On March 19, the first two high-speed rail trains from Hubei to Guangdong started from Jingzhou station, which is under the jurisdiction of Hankou station. More than 1600 Jingzhou migrant workers were sent to Guangdong enterprises to return to work. At 13:24 and 15:13 of the same day, under the accurate guidance of Jingzhou station staff, migrant workers quickly entered the station and boarded the train after infrared temperature measurement and security inspection through the green channel. 1631 migrant workers took g4368 and g4318 trains to leave Jingzhou free of charge.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia train station 14 stops at HanKou Railway Station on March 21st at 16:51, the first train from Shiyan to Wuhan area after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The train station is located at the platform of HanKou Railway Station, which is the G6846 train to Hankou. All the 1013 passengers on the train are employees of Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. and take the bus to the factory after arriving at the station.
In Hankou station, which has been silent for two months, the pace of train departure, arrival and orderly resumption of production is speeding up.
At noon on March 23, Hankou station welcomed a group of distinguished guests. 84 medical and nursing personnel of Jiangsu medical aid team arrived at Hankou station and took train d3074 to return home. Over the past few days, the medical teams in Hubei Province have been evacuated in batches. The white soldiers who fought for the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan triumphantly declared that the prevention and control of the epidemic had achieved a key victory.
At present, the spread of domestic epidemic in Wuhan has been basically blocked. On March 24, Hubei provincial headquarters for the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus issued a notice: from 0:00 on March 25, the control of the exit from Hubei Province was lifted and the external traffic was restored in an orderly manner; from 0:00 on April 8, the control measures of the exit from Hubei Province were lifted and the external traffic was restored in an orderly manner, and the personnel who left Hubei Province were able to flow safely and orderly according to the Hubei health code “green code” 。 According to the announcement, the stations under the management of Wuhan Bureau Group Company are gradually resuming passenger transport business.
Facing the spring light, a silent city is waking up in this spring. Soon, the railway station will be crowded again. The traffic will reappear on the bridge across the river. The bright Wuhan is returning to the familiar appearance.

The first post of Yunnan Vietnam Railway in one hundred years: safety is the first task of national crossing

Just before dawn, Li Yongzhu stood at the crossing of Zhongyue railway of Yunnan Vietnam Railway, cleaned the sundries on the crossing slab and in the wheel rim groove, and made an inspection tour along the railway line At 8:20, there will be an international intermodal transport between China and Vietnam from Vietnam’s old street to China’s Hekou station

recently, a reporter visited Yunnan Vietnam Railway for one hundred years. The Zhongyue railway bridge crossing, located in Hekou County, Yunnan Province, is the first post for Yunnan Vietnam Railway to enter China. The crossing is full of traffic and tourists all the year round, and the watchmen regard safety as the first task. The Yunnan Vietnam Railway, opened to traffic in 1910, connects Kunming, China, to the port of Haiphong, Vietnam. It is the first cross-border railway in China. It is still the most convenient land access to the sea in Southwest China, connecting Vietnam and radiating Southeast Asia market. A 6031 a 6031 Li Yongzhu is a watchman of Zhongyue bridge crossing of Yunnan Vietnam Railway. “There are 10 trains passing through the crossing every day, and they must be cleaned and inspected more than 10 times to ensure the safety and smoothness of the crossing.” Sometimes there are many trains passing by. He can’t go home until 1 or 2 a.m. At noon of

, Liu Hongbing, another gatekeeper, came to replace Li Yongzhu. Liu Hongbing always pays attention to the vicinity of the crossing, and persuades the parked cargo bikes to leave. The crossing is close to Hekou port. Vietnamese businessmen often refit bicycles to transport scattered goods, which will be parked near the crossing from time to time. A 6031 a 6031 “a refitted bicycle can carry hundreds of kilograms of goods. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will dump the goods on the ground.” “If the goods bicycles and goods fall on the crossing and are not cleaned up in time, there will be potential safety risks,” Liu said A 6031 a 6031 reporter saw at the crossing of the China Vietnam bridge that it is adjacent to the exotic street of the river mouth. A few steps are the first-class port of China. There are many tourists, trucks and vehicles passing through the crossing.

people are always in a hurry at busy ports. Sometimes when the warning bell rings, the train is about to pass, and someone wants to cross the crossing, Liu Hongbing will stop it immediately. When he meets Vietnamese who can’t understand Chinese, he will use simple Vietnamese to dissuade him.

although the estuary of the border town between China and Vietnam is not as prosperous as the city, it is also bustling and popular. Looking at the busy or happy life of business travelers, Liu Hongbing understood that his duty was to guard the crossing and let every train pass safely. He said, “safety is the first task of the national gateway.”

Railway has changed the concept of time and space in human society


China is the country with the longest operation mileage, the largest scale under construction, the fastest commercial operation speed, the most comprehensive high-speed rail technology, and the most rich operation scenario and management experience in the world. The high-speed railway shortens the space-time distance between cities, further connects cities, and makes the flowing China more prosperous and developing. (China Railway)

, from the first tangxu railway in China’s history to the current eight vertical and eight horizontal railway network, from the “old green car” with a speed of less than 120km / h to the current EMU train with a speed of 350km / h, the development of China’s railway, especially China’s high-speed railway, has amazed the world. We have the longest history, the most dense distribution, the fastest operation and the most advanced equipment railway network in the world. What changes has railway brought to our society and life

first of all, trains have changed the social concept of time. Careful friends will find that there is a conspicuous bell tower in railway stations all over the world, which has its unique historical status and significance. Before the train appeared, people used local time. Poke a stick on the ground. The sun shines. It’s the shortest time with the shadow of the stick. It’s 12 o’clock at noon, but it varies from place to place. With the train, there must be a unified train timetable. Our country takes Beijing time as the standard. In order to catch the train on time, the common people gradually develop the concept of punctuality. The arrival of the era of high-speed rail will promote the high-speed and punctuality of trains to a new height. Although today’s high-speed railway station no longer takes the big bell tower as the only architectural style, the change of the train’s concept of social time has been deeply rooted in people’s mind

secondly, the train promotes the process of urbanization. At the beginning of the birth of each city railway station, there will be a supporting bus station. Around the passenger transport business, there are catering, accommodation and other services. Generally, the railway station is the place with the most complex social situation, and the square in front of the station is often full of traffic and strong popularity. At present, with the extension of the high-speed railway line and the completion of the high-speed railway station, the surrounding area of the high-speed railway station has become a hot spot for some businesses to invest in. Thus, the life circle and the business circle have gradually formed. Commercial squares, hospitals, schools, etc. have begun to appear around the station. The functions of the community have gradually matured and the environment has gradually improved, forming the commercial sub center of the city. It is believed that in the future, if high-speed rail commuting can become a reality, some new high-speed rail areas can become satellite cities of neighboring larger economies

it can be seen that the development of railway changes the society and affects people’s life all the time in time and space. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward the goal of building a “powerful transportation country” for the first time, which is both an inspiration and a spur to the railway. The railway people are confident to build a more safe, reliable, convenient, efficient, green, low-carbon, intelligent network of high-speed network, and submit a satisfactory answer for “transportation power, railway first”! (by Xiao Menglu)