Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway’s First Multi-span Rigid-frame Beam Successfully Closed

  Chinese builders in the Jakarta-Bandung HSR project had actively overcome the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in Indonesia and pushed forward the construction of the HSR project, and made another significant progress on May 10. The multi-span rigid-frame continuous beam on No.2 Super Major Bridge of Jakarta-Bandung HSR was successfully closed, which is the first on the railway, marking the construction of No.2 Super Major Bridge has entered a crucial stage.

  Jakarta-Bandung HSR is 142.3km long, and bridges along the rail total 87.6 km, accounting for 61.6% of the whole line. There are 28 continuous beams on the railway, 2 of them are completed and 26 of them are currently under construction. The No.2 Super Major Bridge’s (42+64+64+42) m span structure closed this time is 213.8m long totally. The continuous beam in such a high density is rare even in China’s HSR construction. In addition, the No.2 Super Major Bridge is close to expressways and densely populated areas, overpassing two expressway ramps and a flyover, facing dense ground transportation network, large traffic flow, complex construction environment and high safety risks, which is a major and difficult critical works for the whole railway.