Wuhan special train for international cooperation epidemic prevention arrived in Belgrade

At 11:00 on May 26, the special train for international cooperation epidemic prevention materials from Wuhan arrived at the new Belgrade station in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. At this time, the city of Belgrade was full of ups and downs, but the local people who warmly welcomed the train could not be stopped. They lined up neatly, wearing yellow helmets and raincoats, and warmly welcomed the “guests” who came from China all the way, day and night.
In the sound of the flute, the special train slowly drove into the new Belgrade station. On the outer box of the red container next to the locomotive, there are slogans written in Chinese and Serbian characters: “Chinese Railway salutes the Serbian brothers in the fight against the epidemic!”
At 10:00 on May 9, the special train started from Wujiashan station of Hanxi train depot of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and shipped 50 containers, which were full of 3500 cubic meters, 294.42 tons of international cooperation epidemic prevention materials, including masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical devices, etc. manufactured in Hubei and other places. On May 13, the special train left Alataw pass, Xinjiang, via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other countries, covering a journey of more than 10000 kilometers, taking 17 days to arrive, one day ahead of schedule.
China has made novel coronavirus pneumonia, and has carried 16 million non medical masks, 7 million 400 thousand medical masks, 10 thousand sets of non medical protective clothing, 220 thousand medical protective clothing and non-woven fabrics. The Serbia special railway will contribute to China and Wuhan in fighting the new crown pneumonia situation in the surrounding countries.

China’s special train for epidemic prevention materials arrives in Serbia ahead of time

The 75041 China EU novel coronavirus pneumonia, which contained 3500 cubic meters and 294.42 tons of international cooperation in the field of epidemic prevention, arrived at the capital of Beijing on 17 in May 26th. Serbia arrived in Belgrade, Serbia, to support the Serbia and its neighboring countries in fighting the new crown pneumonia. At 10:00 on May 9, the special train for epidemic prevention of China Europe train organized and carried by China Railway Materials Group Co., Ltd. started from Wujiashan station of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and 50 containers were loaded with international cooperation epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical equipment, etc. With the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continuing to improve and the order of economic and social development accelerating to recover, China is making greater and greater contributions to international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control. The special train for epidemic prevention materials leaves the country through Alashankou, Xinjiang, through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary and other countries, with a journey of more than 10000 kilometers, and a regular transportation time of 25 days. The situation of international epidemic prevention and control is grim. Time is life. Under the situation of urgent time, on the one hand, China tiewu quickly organizes the source of goods, organizes the vehicles to quickly assemble the epidemic prevention materials from 7 provinces and cities, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong, Shandong, etc., to Wuhan, and at the same time immediately handles the procedures of line planning, customs declaration and inspection. On the other hand, the transportation plan of China’s iron products is optimized, and the transportation time of special train for epidemic prevention materials is reduced from about 25 days to 16 days, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency of China Europe train. Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Branch of China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd., China Railway Union Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Central Station, Wuhan Customs, Wuhan han’ou International Logistics Co., Ltd. and other relevant units set up special affairs offices to “green light” all the way and complete all the processes within one week. China Railway, once known as the “General Logistics Department” of China Railway, is a material supplier of Hungary Serbia railway. In China, it took the lead in opening up the new China Europe train line to Serbia. Serbian people and media praised China’s help and support. Relevant government officials said that the special train for epidemic prevention materials started from Wuhan and drove along the “belt and road” to Belgrade, which has become a symbol of “iron and steel friendship” between the two brotherly countries.

First “minister channel” dianzan Railway

On May 22, the first “minister channel” interview was held in the press release hall on the first floor of the Great Hall of the people. Three ministers were interviewed through online video. He Lifeng, director of the national development and Reform Commission, mentioned railway several times.
When analyzing China’s economic situation under the influence of the epidemic, he Lifeng said that under the premise of strict prevention and control of the epidemic, all regions have effectively and orderly returned to work, and China’s economy has recovered relatively quickly in general. Taking April as an example, he mentioned “the rapid return of transportation to normal”. The railway department uses practical actions to prove: from 0:00 on April 8, the departure business of each railway passenger station in Wuhan city will be resumed; from 0:00 on April 10, the new train operation diagram will be implemented; in order to help the resumption of production, the railway department will also scientifically adjust the transportation capacity, “point-to-point” special train for migrant workers, and the passenger flow will be gradually restored.
“On the whole, China’s economy is relatively strong in its ability to withstand pressure, pressure and toughness.” He Lifeng said, “after the May Day holiday, all the leading indicators, especially the daily increase of power generation by 5% to 6%, and the number of daily railway loading by a steady increase…” According to the data, in April, the national railway cargo delivery volume reached 267 million tons, an increase of 540000 tons or 0.2% year-on-year, with an average daily loading capacity of 146000 vehicles, maintaining the high-level operation since March, providing a reliable transportation guarantee for epidemic prevention and control and the accelerated recovery of economic and social order. After the May Day holiday, the average daily loading quantity of the railway has reached a new level.
In response to the questions of CCTV reporters about “stable investment”, he Lifeng stressed that this year’s investment work is of great significance and unusual, and should do a good job in “three precisions” of precise financing, precise projects and precise policy implementation. For how to “precision project”, he Lifeng once again takes the railway as an example: some major projects across administrative regions and river basins, including Sichuan Tibet railway and the management of big rivers, should be constructed as soon as possible. “These projects are all projects that need to be done sooner or later. They are all projects that benefit both the present and the long term.” He said.
It’s said that Wang Juan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and senior engineer of Jinan locomotive depot of China Railway Jinan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., was encouraged to hear that the railway won some praise in the “minister channel.” this is an affirmation of the railway and will encourage us to continue to make greater contributions to the “six stability” and “six guarantees”

China Europe train: delivering China’s temperature and contributing to China’s strength

In the spring of 2020, China Europe train once again ushered in the high light moment. Since February, reports on the China EU train have been springing up from major media. Baidu search engine input “China Europe train”, the results up to 21.6 million, almost every one or two minutes, this number will continue to refresh. This is the biggest wave of reporting craze for China EU trains since the total number of trains opened at the end of 2019 exceeded 20000. They do not pull people, but only goods. They run across the vast continent between China and Europe, often without people. Why does this international freight train suddenly become “Internet red”? What does it bring to China and other countries along the line? What’s the story behind the fire? More than 5000 international orders were delivered in April, according to Sany group, China’s largest machinery manufacturer and a global economic powerhouse in Changsha, Hunan Province. Wuhan, Hubei Province, one of China’s four largest automobile enterprises, SAIC GM’s Wuhan company, has produced 10000 complete vehicles and 10000 engines each in just 20 days. Lenovo Group, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, announced in April that 33 factories in China had returned to full production with 100% of their production, and the volume of shipments in the first quarter reached a record high. Since February, with the global spread of the epidemic and the sharp decline of international trade, enterprises from different cities and fields in China have sent the same signal that the “world factory” in China is speeding up its recovery. When it comes to the reasons behind this, the heads of many enterprises agree that China Europe train has made great contributions. The China Europe train refers to the international railway combined transport trains, such as containers, which run according to the fixed train number, route, schedule and the whole operation time, and travel between China and Europe as well as countries along the belt and road. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, people thought it would be affected, but it brought a pleasant surprise to everyone. Among the above enterprises, Sany group is in contact with China Europe train for the first time, but it is the same at first sight. On April 29, the “Sany” China Europe train set out from Changsha to Central Asia, with 46 carriages and a total cargo value of 1.5 million US dollars. “In February, we conducted a trial run of some of our products through the China Europe train, and the results were very good. In the future, this will be the fixed line.” Huang Dong, manager of Logistics Department of Sany group, said, “this year, affected by the epidemic, the highway port is closed, and it is impossible to walk. With the assistance of relevant departments, we will change to railway, which will not only improve efficiency, but also reduce cost, as long as half a month.” Twenty days before the departure of Sany, a train carrying 216 Chevy buses set out from Wuhan for Uzbekistan. This is the first time that SAIC General Motors has opened the whole vehicle export business to Central Asian countries via railway. “This not only confirms SAIC GM’s quick response ability, but also shows that Wuhan is speeding up the resumption of production.” SAIC GM relevant departments said. Compared with Sany group and SAIC GM, Lenovo Group is an “old friend” of China Europe train. Shortly after spring, a large number of Lenovo computers “took” the China Europe train to Europe. Their relationship is therefore more “iron.”. “The China Europe train is our best choice.” Fu Wenbin, head of Lenovo Group’s supply chain in China, said that whether the goods can be delivered on time during the epidemic period is related to the reputation of the enterprise, and also improves the customer’s confidence and satisfaction with the enterprise. “By helping the smooth delivery of the China Europe train, it proves that our choice is correct, and also confirms the maturity and stability of the train operation.” Throughout the country, there are not a few who embrace the China EU train because of the epidemic. Zhao Jun, director of the freight Department of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., said that from January to April this year, China Europe trains had 2920 trains and 262000 TEUs of goods, up 24% and 27% respectively year on year. In April, China Europe train ushered in the busiest month ever, with the total number of trains and three indicators of the number of trains going to and returning from China reaching a record. “Against the wind” and accelerating the gallop of the China EU train has effectively promoted the resumption of domestic enterprises, unblocked the global supply chain and played a role in stabilizing foreign trade. According to the data released by the General Administration of customs, the National Bureau of statistics and other departments, in the first quarter of this year, China’s total import and export volume with countries along the “belt and road” totaled 2.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.2% year-on-year; in April, China’s export volume increased by 8.2% year-on-year, with obvious signs of foreign trade recovery and accelerated recovery of economic and social activities. Many government officials, enterprises and media said that the adverse growth of China EU trains is a symbol of the great victory of China’s epidemic prevention and control work, and also reflects the strong resilience of China’s economy, injecting a “boost” into the global economy. The China EU trains are like Trains bound for “spring day”, demonstrating China’s strength in fighting against the epidemic and the speed of China’s resumption of production Degrees. ” The novel coronavirus pneumonia protective clothing and the chairman took photos on May 9th at 10. The 75041 time the central European train leaves from Wu Jiashan station in Wuhan, heading for Belgrade, Serbia, to support Serbia and its surrounding countries against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The China Europe train is expected to arrive in Belgrade 18 days later with 50 containers loaded with anti epidemic materials. This is not the first special train from Wuhan. On April 14 local time, Duisburg, Germany, has welcomed the anti epidemic materials train from Wuhan. “The goods and materials, especially medical goods and materials, which are transported from China by railway, are of great significance,” said Yu st, Minister of transport of Norwich “Mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same.”. At the beginning of China’s epidemic, the international community has given moral support and material assistance. When other countries are attacked by the epidemic, China feels the same way, donates medical protection materials to other countries and international organizations within its capacity, and interprets the concept of community of shared future of mankind with practical actions. Whether the epidemic prevention materials can be delivered in place or not, the smooth road is the key. The “counter trend” China Europe train just provides a reliable and efficient transportation guarantee. China Railway Group specially arranges to include the international cooperation anti epidemic materials into the key guarantee transportation, and make every effort to undertake the air and sea transportation of goods to ensure that they should be transported to the full. Since the first China EU train carrying anti epidemic materials exported to Europe started in Yiwu on March 21, by the end of April, China EU train had shipped 660000 pieces and 3142 tons of anti epidemic materials for international cooperation, mainly to Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Lithuania and other countries, and allocated them to more European countries. The contribution of China EU train to global cooperation in fighting the epidemic has been widely praised. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 24, the opening of China EU train became the most concerned issue of the media. Geng Shuang, spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, said in response to the reporter’s questions that the China EU train has given full play to the “pulsating” effect, built a green channel for European countries to obtain medical supplies and necessities in time, and effectively promoted the anti epidemic cooperation between China and Europe and countries along the line. In foreign countries, the popularity of China Europe train has also increased rapidly. On May 6, a train carrying 7.4 million masks and a large number of protective clothing arrived in Germany. Evelyn nikuta, chairman of the freight business of German Railway Group, made a special trip to meet him and took photos online to call for the China Europe train. In the picture, she stood next to the train to display the Chinese masks, and her expression was very excited: “the train arrived on time, a large number of protective materials from China: millions of masks and protective equipment!” Similar scenes also appear in Spain and other countries. On April 6, after 16 days, the China Europe train from Yiwu entered Madrid station, Spain. Carlos Santana, general manager of the local railway freight operation company, told the media: “China has provided generous and selfless assistance to Spain in fighting the epidemic, and we sincerely thank you! The China EU train has become a bridge of friendship between the two countries. ” Know each other far and near, ten thousand miles are still neighbors. In current Europe, people are still struggling with the epidemic. External help is a timely help. Breaking through the haze of the epidemic and crossing Asia and Europe, the China EU train is the epitome of China and Europe standing by each other and sharing weal and woe, which shows the great power’s responsibility to jointly build the “belt and road” and the community of shared future for mankind. From “the world helps China” to “China returns the world”, it not only delivers a large number of short supplies, but also the warmth and friendship from China. Flowers, applause and the growth Manifesto in the war “epidemic” the adverse growth of China Europe train is both beyond expectation and reasonable. China and Europe trains carry out segmented transportation, which does not involve personnel quarantine. Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, China and Europe trains have unique advantages and have a strong alternative role in shipping and air transportation, which is an important reason for their “against the trend and fire”. Behind this, the railway department has done a lot of work. In 2019, China Railway Group will continue to build the international logistics brand of China Europe train as an important measure to expand the railway opening up and going out and better serve the “belt and road” construction. Together with China Europe train operators, China Railway Group will jointly sign the Convention on promoting the high quality development of China Europe train, continuously strengthen and optimize the transportation organization, further reduce the logistics cost and promote countries The informatization construction among railway, customs and operation enterprises will improve the quantity and quality of China Europe trains. In 2020, after novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the China Railway Group will take the central European train as an important task and adopt a number of “hard core” measures to improve the speed of the train, optimize the clearance procedures, reduce the time of changing the rail, innovate the service mode, and promote the “speed, shift and upgrade” of the central and European trains to make the trains run faster, more and better. In accordance with the requirements of China Railway Group, relevant railway bureaus and group companies will send working groups to the train station to ensure the continuity of the handover business by adopting flexible handover methods; organize the research and development of digital port system, and carry out information interaction pilot with the Customs at Manzhouli Port Station, so as to realize paperless whole process of port and shore customs clearance; innovate and establish the mode of China Europe train outbound direct customs clearance to get through The logistics breakpoint under the haze of the epidemic situation was ensured, and the smooth handover of five railway ports was ensured. Railway staff have been busy since February at Alashankou border station, the largest exit port of China Europe train. In order to facilitate the rapid entry and exit of China EU trains, the railway department operates 24 hours a day, strengthens the coordination and cooperation between the deputy production stationmaster of China and Kazakhstan, shares the data of freight car detection system and station video monitoring system with the customs and border inspection, and compresses the time of side inspection vehicles from the previous 60 minutes to 30 minutes, and the time of exit and customs clearance from the previous 87 minutes to 36.6 minutes. Since this year, the number of China EU trains passing through the Alataw pass has exceeded 1500, an increase of 36.36% year on year. Nine years ago, in the spring, it was in Alashankou that China’s first full-time China Europe train went abroad. After years of development, China Europe train has more than 60 domestic cities, reaching 19 countries and 67 cities in Europe, becoming an important achievement and demonstration project of China Europe joint construction of the “belt and road”. In 2019, the number of China EU trains reached 8225, a year-on-year increase of 29%, and the comprehensive heavy box rate reached 94%. High quality development has become the consensus of the society on China EU trains. Nine years later

Railway representatives talk freely and listen to the work report of the government

On the morning of May 22, the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress was opened in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government. At the first time, the reporter connected with a number of representatives from the railway system, listened to their heated discussions on the bright spots in the government work report, and talked about their personal feelings.
Qian Ming, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the locomotive and vehicle Department of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., said that China’s development achievements are all achieved under the guidance of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and millions of people have worked hard to overcome difficulties, never by beating the drums and gongs lightly. At present, the difficulties we are facing are unprecedented, so we need to give full play to our advantages, more closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and the people of the whole country are more united, United, overcome difficulties, meet challenges and usher in a bright future of development.
Zhang Haitao, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Xi’an Railway Administration Group Co., Ltd., said: “the report summarizes the work in a practical and realistic way, analyzes the situation accurately and profoundly, focuses on decision-making and deployment, and is a” mobilization order “and” mission statement “to face the impact of the epidemic directly, to be firm in faith, to face the difficulties, to forge ahead and to work hard.”. It is closely related to the railway to increase the national railway construction capital by 100 billion yuan, resolutely win the battle against poverty, and improve the reform effect of state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets. As a representative of the railway system, I am both proud and responsible. “
“Six guarantees is the focus of this year’s six stability work. Yang Weijun, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Lanzhou Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd., was impressed by the statement that “keeping the bottom line of” six guarantees “can stabilize the basic economic situation; promoting stability and seeking progress in stability can lay a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way”. He said that Lanzhou bureau group company will carefully do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic situation, focus on the goal and task of “five guarantees and five results”, consolidate and expand the achievements of railway poverty alleviation, make every effort to ensure the safety of high-speed railway and passenger train, better serve the construction of “the belt and road” and achieve high-quality development.
The belt and road initiative has been mentioned many times in the report. In response, Zhang Jiyi, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd., said that we should continue to give full play to the advantages of the industry, adhere to the problem orientation, adhere to seeking progress in stability, make great efforts to draw “meticulous painting”, and further improve the quality and efficiency with the goal of systematic construction, intensive operation, market-oriented operation, convenient service and international development With the brand effect, we will comprehensively promote the high-quality development of China EU trains, comprehensively promote the construction of new land and sea corridors in the west, and provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality construction of the “belt and road”.
As a witness and participant of the Wuhan and Hubei defense wars, Huang Wangming, a deputy of the National People’s Congress and quality inspector of Wuchang passenger car depot of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said in the interview: “under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the people of the whole country are all in one mind, and the national epidemic prevention and control interdiction war has achieved significant strategic results. I firmly believe that the NPC and CPPCC will consolidate the achievements of prevention and control and accelerate the comprehensive recovery of economic and social order. We, the railway people, will move with orders, fight bravely and cautiously, and contribute to win the prevention and control of the epidemic on the Wanli railway line. “
Wang Juan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and senior engineer of Jinan locomotive depot of China Railway Jinan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., was heartened by the words of “improving the support ability of scientific and technological innovation” and “putting the key projects on the table” and “letting others do what they can”. She said that as a railway technician from the front line, she will take this as a driving force to increase the efforts in tackling key problems in railway scientific research projects and constantly push the railway development to a higher level through scientific and technological innovation.

Railway Poverty Alleviation: a happy life with the sound of bagpipes and new songs

“Ning black tea, bamboo shoots, soft rice, pepper, black fungus There are all the specialties of Xiushui! ” On May 14, at the Lingxia village poverty alleviation product direct selling point of China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. next to the Nanchang railway workers’ Stadium, nearby residents are selecting fresh specialty products. “Online sales?” Someone in the crowd asked. “Good morning, let’s have a look at wechat’s” agricultural products under the mountain! ” Staff voice did not fall, we have taken out mobile phones to start searching. At the same time, Zou Daogen, chairman of the labor union of Jiujiang train depot and the first Secretary of Lingxia village in Lingxia village, broadcast live “take goods” in Lingxia village, which is more than 200 kilometers away, attracting tens of thousands of people to watch online. “Buy it, buy it!” “The price performance ratio is really good. There’s no such shop after passing this village.” “Do Lily honey buy parcel post together?” “Send a purchase link.” Live barrage line by line, in addition to surrounding views praise, netizens scramble to “order for love.”. This is a vivid epitome of the new “5 + 5” consumption poverty alleviation model of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. From winter to summer, from offline to online, from deep mountain to prosperous city, from wheat field orchard to railway station car and direct selling store With consumption poverty alleviation as the starting point, China Railway Group explored and implemented a new model of railway consumption poverty alleviation, which is “five consumption poverty alleviation actions + five service guarantee measures + three long-term assistance mechanisms”. By pressing the “acceleration key” of railway poverty alleviation, China Railway Group will help to overcome poverty in 2020. Five actions: build a platform online and offline to expand the poverty alleviation effect in an all-round way. On the morning of May 12, running on the 7504 “Fumin” train from Longxi to Zhangjiachuan, Gansu Province, Hou Jinfu, a fruit farmer, went to the city carrying a basket of cherries for sale as usual. The fresh and tender cherries just picked attracted the attention of the passengers on the train, and everyone came around to taste them. In a short time, Lao Hou’s cherries were sold for more than half of them. He was so happy that his mouth couldn’t close. The conductor joked that he did a good business. The old Hou said solemnly, “thank you for our” slow train “. It’s cheap and comfortable to sell cherries by” slow train “. It’s a very interesting day when business is hot!” “Slow train”, a bright brand of railway poverty alleviation. With the continuous deepening of poverty alleviation, the railway sector has carried out in-depth consumer poverty alleviation action of “entering the station and getting on the train”, building “slow train” and “trackless station” into a “rural farmer’s market” for the convenience of the people, providing many convenience for the villagers along the line to bring fresh live birds to the market or sell in the carriage. Like the “slow train”, the station and EMU are also the unique consumption market resources of the railway. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, the railway sector has been actively inclining to agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas in terms of market access, site provision, cost reduction, etc. Since 2019, the railway department has selected high-quality agricultural and sideline products of national poverty-stricken counties, and has set up more than 1600 direct sales stores (counters) of poverty-stricken products on more than 130 stations with large passenger flow and more than 1400 EMU trains. China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. set up direct sales stores of poverty alleviation products in Chengdu east railway station, Chongqing north railway station and Guiyang North railway station, publicized online purchase platforms in the stores, produced publicity materials including poverty alleviation products, tourism resources and “smart rail” QR code and put them on 278 EMU trains; China Railway Express Co., Ltd. took the lead in Chongqing north railway station and other large passenger trains The station pilot put in consumption poverty alleviation intelligent sales counters, “face-to-face” to promote sales to passengers, and achieved win-win economic and social benefits. Offline policy bridging, production and marketing docking, online “with goods” direct sales, doubled effectiveness. In May this year, good news of railway poverty alleviation came in an endless stream. The reporter learned from China Railway Investment Co., Ltd that the “high-speed rail on hand” app “love purchase poverty alleviation Pavilion” for high-speed railway station car Wi Fi users was launched. It, together with the railway 12306 e-commerce poverty alleviation platform for the vast number of network booking users, and the China Railway Express poverty alleviation Mall for the centralized procurement users of enterprises on and off the road, forms the “special team” of the e-commerce poverty alleviation action of China Railway Group, realizing the full coverage, travel process and service of the railway consumption poverty alleviation users. Under the leadership of China tiktok group, all railway units actively develop more than 30 live broadcast platforms such as WeChat, Taobao and Jo Yin, and strengthen cooperation with 832 supply and marketing cooperatives platforms and China Construction Bank, and expand the new channels for railway business to help the poor. Up to now, the railway e-commerce poverty alleviation platform has more than 270 poverty alleviation enterprises, more than 2580 online products, daily activity of 3.1 million, and sales of more than 26 million yuan. At the same time, more and more characteristic agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas have been sent to the canteen of railway units by “one-stop direct purchase” and placed on the staff’s family dining table, which not only facilitates the staff’s purchase of favorite products, but also provides a good way for local specialty sales. The role of targeted procurement and consumption of railway units in poverty alleviation is increasingly apparent. At the same time of promoting the construction of railway projects in poor areas, the railway departments simultaneously carry out the poverty alleviation actions of railway construction consumption. According to incomplete statistics, since 2019, in the construction of railway projects in 14 concentrated and poverty-stricken areas, more than 62 million yuan of local agricultural and sideline products have been purchased, 58000 people of local poor labor force have been used, and more than 3 billion yuan of labor cost has been paid in time. Facing the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia on poverty alleviation, the Party group of the National Railway Group has specifically studied the work plan to ensure that the decisive battle of the railway has been completed and the key task of fighting poverty has been resolved. 194 military cadres stationed in poverty alleviation have been placed under the “five orders” requirements of the Party group, and actively carried out the epidemic prevention and control measures to help the poor, helping the poor enterprises, workshops to resume work and resume production and epidemic situation. The sale of unsalable agricultural products aims to develop transportation plans for spring ploughing and agricultural materials in poverty-stricken areas, open up green channels and reduce related costs; launch a “point-to-point, one-stop” direct train for migrant workers to help them return to their posts and stabilize their employment. With fingers in hand, the five consumer poverty alleviation actions of China Railway Group have worked together and handed in a wonderful Railway “poverty alleviation answer sheet” – 175 million yuan of consumer poverty alleviation in 2019, 3.1 times of the previous year. Among them, 69.3 million yuan was purchased for agricultural and sideline products, 5.5 times of the previous year; 105 million yuan was helped to sell agricultural and sideline products, 2.4 times of the previous year. Since 2020, efforts have been made to overcome the impact of the epidemic and purchase and help sell more than 60 million yuan of agricultural and sideline products, including more than 14 million yuan in Hubei Province. Five measures: the whole chain of production and marketing docking, the escort of consumption poverty alleviation line stable and far-reaching consumption poverty alleviation is a long chain linked by production, circulation, sales, consumption, etc., and the key is to ensure good production, transportation and marketing. On April 30, a group of special “passengers” – 527 fresh black chickens from Lingyun County, a national poverty-stricken county, came to d3792 high-speed railway. At present, it is the online exhibition and sales activity in Lingyun county. 10000 Lingyun black chickens are sold to Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places through “railway stations + high-speed rail”. The railway department organizes four shipments a day, which takes only nine hours from the origin of black chicken to the dining table of Shenzhen citizens. In addition to giving full play to the “fresh and fast” advantages of high-speed rail cold chain, the railway department also uses special freight trains, container express trains, etc. to accurately serve the export of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas; to reduce logistics costs, in 2019 alone, 1.75 billion yuan of agricultural material transportation costs will be reduced, effectively solving the “last kilometer” problem of production, transportation and sales. In order to improve the ability of anti risk and let the poor people reap “stable happiness”, since 2019, the railway sector has been working hard on industrial support, brand building, marketing and publicity, and poverty alleviation mechanism. A strong industry should be based on its characteristics. Over the past year, the railway sector has vigorously supported leading enterprises, extended the industrial chain, and promoted “small production” to “big market”. In Hetian County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is designated by the State Railway Group, through the mode of “railway assistance + leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers”, the “locomotive” series of industrial poverty alleviation projects have flourished in 12 villages. Locomotive restaurant has become a hot food “punch card”, and locomotive happy pigeon breeding farm has earned 60000 yuan Each village has developed characteristic industries and formed large-scale operation. A strong industry depends on its quality. In the past year, the railway department has taken improving product quality and market competitiveness as the top priority in building railway consumer brands. The poverty alleviation cadres have participated in the whole process, strictly checked with local government departments, and used big data to strengthen market analysis. The “brand + enterprise + base + poor groups” model has been implemented to help Luanchuan County in Henan Province to build a regional brand of “Luanchuan impression”. At present, it has 13 agricultural product processing enterprises, 23 processing production lines and 27 poverty alleviation bases have been integrated, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan and more than 6000 people benefiting from poverty, becoming the leading industry and national famous brand of targeted poverty alleviation in local agriculture. The smell of wine is afraid of the deep lane. Strong industry requires strong production and strong marketing. The railway department actively carried out various marketing and promotion activities, and coordinated the signing of cooperation agreements on consumer poverty alleviation. From May 12 to 14, the promotion meeting of 2020 railway consumption poverty alleviation agricultural and sideline products in Luanchuan County, Henan Province was held in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and Luoyang respectively, with the help of China Railway Group, to publicize 13 agricultural and sideline products gift boxes of Luanchuan impression series. On April 25, at the new tea picking experience activity held in QINGGANGPING village, Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei Province, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. signed another contract to purchase 880000 yuan of Qinggang green new tea, and also promoted the tea to 12306 poverty alleviation shopping mall and national railway shopping mall to help them move to the national market. Adhere to “whether to maximize the employment and income of the poor, whether to maximize the feedback to the sustainable development of the collective economy” as the scale of railway consumption poverty alleviation, the railway department actively guide local governments and enterprises to improve the poverty linkage mechanism, so that the poverty effect is clear and sustainable, and the data can be verified and traced. Three mechanisms: Based on a long-term perspective and consolidating the achievements in the operation of the system, on February 27 this year, Mianxian County, Shaanxi Province, officially withdrew from the poverty-stricken county sequence and successfully achieved the goal of poverty alleviation. However, the railway poverty alleviation cadres are still stationed in the villages, working together with the villagers to produce, opening up the “small slow train” in Qinling, building a station car agricultural product sales platform, extending sales tentacles in the railway e-commerce platform, and developing ecological industries such as Auricularia, traditional Chinese medicine and Tourism. “Mianxian has been lifted out of poverty, but we still have to” help the local people get on the horse and send them a ride. ” In the tea processing workshop in piaozogou village, Mianxian County, Wu Jiankui, a railway poverty alleviation cadre, is carefully checking the tea orders, checking the processing progress, and pondering new ideas for new tea sales. This year, the State Railway Group, including Mianxian County, designated four counties and districts to help them out of poverty. The railway sector insists on taking the poverty alleviation through consumption as a long-term and systematic project to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, implement the strategy of rural revitalization, and establish a mechanism to solve the relative poverty. Through the establishment of three mechanisms, namely, the long-term assistance of the railway industry, the long-term assistance of the market-oriented operation and the long-term assistance of the will and wisdom, it helps the consumption in the poor areas The sustainable development of poverty provides essential support. In Xinnan village, Luanchuan County, the railway Town, a key poverty alleviation project of National Railway Group, not only helped the whole village get rid of poverty, but also became a new landmark for the development of local rural tourism. Blue fire

Reduce locomotive energy consumption by careful calculation

In the near future, China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has made full efforts in cost saving and consumption reduction, combined with locomotive routing, workload and other changes, to tap the potential of locomotive operation, strengthen the control of locomotive energy consumption, and control the cost.
Wuhan bureau group company further optimizes locomotive routing, arranges electric locomotives on-line to replace diesel locomotives as far as possible to take on the task of train traction, and strives to reduce fuel expenditure. They strengthen the analysis of locomotive energy consumption, strengthen the analysis and guidance of the energy-saving operation of the crew, drive according to the scale strictly, reduce the parking outside the locomotive, increase the energy-saving realism and assessment strength; according to the characteristics of different seasons, timely carry out the repair of locomotive thermal state to improve the locomotive energy efficiency; strengthen the organization of locomotive repair operation, and improve the locomotive operation efficiency when the compressor garage stops in the garage and small auxiliary repair stops Rate.
According to the requirements of the overhaul system reform, Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. appropriately extended the upper limit of C4 repair of harmonious locomotive, reduced the number of repair units, expanded the scope of C3 repair every three months, prepared the overhaul plan quarterly according to the upper limit of the repair process, reasonably controlled the weekly period of small and auxiliary repair of locomotive, and reduced the cost.
Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. also strengthened the analysis of the consumption of the traction substation in the pipeline, adjusted the power supply according to the traffic volume in time, determined the settlement method of the electricity fee, saved the basic electricity fee, and actively strived for the preferential range of direct power purchase.

Wuhan ambulance arrived at Suifenhe

At 3:13 on May 12, with the key direct freight train 95001, it slowly drove into No. 10, north yard of Suifenhe station, and 8 ambulances arrived as scheduled. These ambulances come from Wuhan and have experienced more than 2700 kilometers of long-distance transportation. In order to ensure that 8 ambulances can be put into the first line of epidemic prevention and control in Suifenhe City in time, China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has opened up a green channel to ensure the green light of material transportation. Suifenhe station will arrange key transportation items in advance, and study and refine the unloading plan of ambulance. The freight workshop shall clean the special line for unloading overnight, divide the work among the unloading personnel, and prepare machines and tools such as forklifts and ferry plates; the operation personnel shall quickly carry out the disassembly operation after the arrival of the train, and transfer the special vehicles loaded with ambulances into the special line of the third cargo area to ensure the unloading is fast and timely. The responsible person of relevant branch of China Railway Special Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. and relevant personnel of Suifenhe epidemic prevention and control headquarters came to the third cargo area to coordinate and guide to ensure the smooth unloading of ambulance.

CR Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. Takes Practical Measures for Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control

  During the May Day holiday, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. insisted on the regular epidemic prevention and control, and accurately increased the effective supply of passenger transport resources. By vigorously implementing the “railway+tourism” strategy, it had provided scenic spot information and advisory services on the trains, set up tourism promotion desks and posters at stations, strengthened cooperation with local tourism authorities, and provided convenient transfer services, so as to ensure the safe and convenient travel of passengers.

  China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened its regular epidemic prevention and control work. It continued to take measures such as selling tickets of scattered seats, ventilation and disinfection of stations and trains, temperature taking of passengers when checking in and out, provision of meal delivery services, and setting up of emergency isolation seats. It had implemented grid disinfection system for key places and regions in passenger stations, provided all-around thorough disinfection in public places such as waiting rooms, platforms, ticket gates, ticket offices, toilets, etc. on a daily basis, and provided regular preventive disinfection for equipment and facilities frequently contacted by passengers such as door handles, elevator handrails, seats and the like. Party member volunteers provided services such as ticket purchasing (picking up) guidance and travel and transfer guidance at the station entrance, ticket selling hall, waiting room, etc. and maintain the order of boarding-alighting.

  Hankou Station allocated intelligent disinfection robots in security inspection area for continuous disinfection. Ezhou Station allocated “China Health Cabin” for rapid disinfection and sterilization. Wuhan Station added automatic thermometer and provided disinfectant in the places such as ticket vending machines, toilets and waiting rooms. Wuchang Station opened self-service ticket selling (picking up) machines and a ticket selling windows at intervals, and set up medical posts with medical staff on duty 24 hours a day.